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Best Victoria family Divorce Lawyers

Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips include parents understanding that perpetual post-separation conflict involving child parenting issues is the greatest predictor of a poor outcome for a child’s development. If you really love your child focus on reducing conflict for them. A new case from Ontario involved parents fighting over how 4 days of the Easter holiday would be shared. The Ontario judge who had to decide if the matter was urgent found it was not an application that should proceed based on urgency. In McNeil v. McGuinness, 2020 ONSC 1918 (CanLII) Justice Pazaratz was appalled the parents continued to fight non stop over child parenting time issues.

Lorne MacLean, QC provides one of his Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips clients by having them follow the mantra “love your child more than you dislike your ex-spouse.” Let this guide your actions when you disagree on child parenting time or child parenting responsibilities. James Macdonnell and Fraser MacLean look forward to meeting with you in Vancouver and across BC from our 5 offices covering the Province.

COVID 19 Coronavirus Separation Date Lawyers
Fraser MacLean, Vancouver and Rural BC child custody lawyer

Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips

Justice Panzaratz provides a great list of Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips

However, perpetual litigation is not in the best interests of the child.  And on this file these parties have reached the tipping point where unfortunately we have to treat them as a high conflict file.  In situations like that, the court needs to impose clear guidelines to minimize opportunities for parental conflict and uncertainty or confusion by the child.

[17]           So perhaps I can go one step further.  Perhaps I can give high conflict parents a bit of a warning.

a.      Just because a Triage judge decides an issue isn’t urgent, it doesn’t mean the issue isn’t important.  It simply means we have to prioritize which issues we currently have the resources to deal with.

b.      The suspension of most court activities during the COVID-19 crisis means that – temporarily — separated parents are largely going to be on “the honour system.”  

c.      We’re counting on parents to be fair and helpful with one another.  To rise to the challenge and act in good faith.

d.      Because now more than ever, children need parents to be mature, cooperative, and mutually respectful. In these times of unspeakable stress and anxiety, children need emotional reassurance from both parents that everything is going to be okay.

e.      How parents conduct themselves during this time of crisis will speak volumes about parental insight and trustworthiness.

f.      Your reputation will outlast COVID-19.

g.      So please don’t try to take advantage of the current situation.

h.      In the long run, self-help will turn out to be a big mistake.

We hope these Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips enable you to resolve matters with your ex-spouse. If you need help or have questions concerning disputes regarding our Best Vancouver COVID 19 Child Custody Tips, call us toll-free at 1 877 602 9900