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Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks

Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks can destroy an innocent spouse’s case. But when you have a savvy Vancouver family lawyer on your side, they can help ensure these Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks backfire on a scheming spouse.

Vancouver high net worth family and divorce, articling student, Oliver Spinks,  notes new Apple operating systems allow spouses to alter text messages after they are sent.  This just adds another potential way for Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks to be perpetrated on a hapless separated spouse. So how do top Vancouver family lawyers guide clients in this landmine area of family law? First, we warn our clients to never send damaging texts to begin with and why it is imperative they avoid any family law dirty text message tricks. Second, we analyze suspect messages in order to prove important evidence has not been altered or destroyed and to investigate fake texts often with with catastrophic results to the perpetrating spouse.

Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks 604 602 9000

Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks
Oliver Spinks, Vancouver family law articling student

Text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Discord, WhatsApp and emails all play an important role in your Vancouver family law court case. Many individuals rely on text messages as evidence in family law litigation, whether that be for divorce or child custody cases. Often a text message is vital evidence that shows threats being made, how one-party acts towards the other or an admission of damaging facts. Text messages can assist the judge in a variety of different scenarios. They can provide critically important evidence to prove:

  • a party’s lack of parenting capacity,
  • proof of income and hidden assets,
  • family violence and unreasonable positions,
  • they can verify your efforts to do certain things,
  • they can create enforceable binding agreements, and much more.

Using legitimate electronic documents and data to support your case is fine and often persuasive on disputed issues. But sometimes it’s necessary to check the accuracy and genuineness of any text messages that are used as exhibits in trials or Chambers apllication hearings. Given modern technology, it’s incredibly easy for someone with even limited tech savvy to delete important evidence, to  fabricate or to alter text messages to make them appear to say things that were never stated.

New Apple System Just Made It Easier Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks 604 602 9000

On September 12, 2022, Apple released an update on iPhones with several new features that could affect divorce and custody cases all over Canada. With “iOS 16”, Apple’s new operating system will allow users to edit their messages and even unsend or delete their messages to another person.

Here at MacLean law, we are concerned about how these new features can be misused and cause confusion within family litigation.

The new features that Apple will be introducing could catch users off guard as the ability to edit text messages between parties after sending them allows for individuals to tamper with potential evidence and parties can use this to their advantage.

Of course, the vast majority of users would enjoy the ability to edit or delete a text message. (I am sure there have been many times when all of us would have loved to edit a text message to correct a misspelling or delete a text sent to the wrong person.)

There are two important things that users should keep in mind:

Firstly, the message editing feature works for up to 15 minutes after the message is sent.

Secondly, the messages that are changed by users are marked ‘edited.’ Additionally, if a user edits a message using iOS 16, the changes will not be visible to users with the older versions of iOS. Similarly, from the same drop-down menu, users can unsend a message.

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So what does MacLean Law suggest you do to avoid this issue?

  1. If you want to preserve any messages, screenshot the messages as soon as they have been received.
  2. Do not update to iOS 16. If you have not upgraded to Apple’s latest software, although the other user can attempt to edit or unsend messages, if you are on ios 15 or lower, these changes will not take place on your device.
  3. Turn off iMessage. This removes the ability of other users from editing or unsending messages as they will only come through as text messages.

If you feel you are the victim of Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks conatact our top rated family lawyers across Canada.

Family Law Dirty Text Message Tricks