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Vancouver Inadequate Family Financial Disclosure

Vancouver Inadequate Family Financial Disclosure cases are unfortunately all too common. BC Family Judges now deal very sternly with failure to make full financial disclosure. Our offices have repeatedly caught and punished recalcitrant spouses who tried to hide income and assets. Our senior Vancouver family lawyers know that full financial disclosure is critical to enabling […]

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Post Separation Income Increase Spousal Support

Post Separation Income Increase Spousal Support cases really ramp up tension between separated former spouses. On the one hand the paying spouse wants support to end or be reduced while on the other hand the lower income spouse feels entitled to a fair share of the post separation increase. Our Vancouver and Calgary Post Separation Income […]

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Interim BC Custody and Access Applications

The interim custody and access vancouver child guardianship clauses of the new BC Family Law Act states that in the first instance and subject to Court Order: Parents are generally guardians 39 (1) While a child’s parents are living together and after the child’s parents separate, each parent of the child is the child’s guardian. […]

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