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Vancouver Calgary Frozen Embryo Dispute Lawyers

Vancouver Calgary Frozen Embryo Dispute Lawyers at MacLean Law are always looking for ways to advance this rapidly developing area of law. What happens when frozen embryos are created by two heterosexual or same sex parents and one dies or they separate or divorce? The rights of one parent to use them frozen embryo to […]

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Vancouver Assisted Human Reproduction Dispute Lawyers

We acted for the mother in Canada’s first frozen embryo dispute and obtained an order restraining the embryos from being destroyed as they were found to be property as defined by our former Family Relations Act. Our Assisted human reproduction litigation team headed by Lorne N. MacLean, QC, also watched the recent BC Court of […]

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Vancouver Assisted Human Reproductive Technology, Sperm Donor In Vitro Fertilization Lawyers

Our Assisted Human Reproductive Technology Law Department is currently handling a dispute over possession of frozen embryos and analyzing a recent assisted reproduction sperm donor case. The BC Court of Appeal has recently released its findings in Pratten v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2012 BCCA 480, an important decision concerning the rights of children conceived […]

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