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We’re focused to help you succeed in optimizing your separation and divorce outcomes. Learn more about your family law legal options before you make any decisions or take any action related to entering or leaving a marriage, common-law relationship, or other family arrangement. We have family lawyers in Vancouver, Calgary, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna, and Fort St. John.

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MacLean Family Law celebrates 35 years

Lorne MacLean, QC, talks about the founding of the firm and the great teamwork from all offices in BC and Alberta.

What is the role of my paralegal?

Jillian McLennan explains the role of your paralegal, helping you to leverage the most from your legal team.

Why Value My Family Businesses on Separation?

When a couple separates, there are really only three options for the family business.

Children’s Views in Family Law Proceedings

As your child gets older, the more their wishes are taken into consideration in court.

Vancouver Alimony & Prenup

Prenuptial Agreements: Start your shared life with a
solid and mutual understanding

Family Property Division

Property Division: Preserve your worldly assets and wealth
during your high net worth divorce.

Vancouver Grey Divorce Lawyers

MacLean Law: Grey Divorce.
Preserve the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for.

Vancouver Family Lawyers

MacLean Family Law: We’ll secure your future while protecting
your privacy and reputation

Divorce & Separation Property Division

MacLean Law: Wealth Preservation.
We’ll help you protect your hard earned wealth.

Vancouver Divorce Lawyer

Maclean Law: Championing Your Interests. We’re focused on helping you succeed in resolving your family law challenges.

Grey Divorce Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation

MacLean Law: Lorne MacLean discusses divorce

MacLean Family Law Founder, Lorne MacLean, QC

Lorne MacLean on founding MacLean Law.
We’re driven by people

MacLean Family Law Wins Best Family Lawyer Vancouver

MacLean Law: Winner, Top Choice Awards, 2017

Asian Wealth Preservation During Divorce

MacLean Law: Asian High Stakes Litigation

Divorce and Protecting Children

Episode 1: How to protect your children during a divorce

Divorce and Emotional Harm to Children

Episode 2: How to protect your children during a divorce

Divorce and Separation with Children

Episode 3: Have the “Separation Talk”

Divorce & Separation Lawyer Tips

Divorce & Separation: We’re separating. Should I move out?

Divorce Lawyer on Violent Spouses

My Spouse was Violent. How can I protect myself
and my children?

Vancouver Family Lawyer Video on Family Court

Preparing for Family Court. What can I do to
win my court case?

Vancouver Spousal Support

Spousal Support: My spouse just remarried.
Can I finally stop paying spousal support?

Vancouver Divorce & Separation Lawyer on Finances

Separation: Can we afford to separate?

Vancouver Property Division & Spousal Support when Living Together

Property Division: Am I in a marriage-like relationship?

Vancouver Spousal Support after Short Marriage

Spousal Support: Am I entitled to spousal support
after a short marriage?

Vancouver Spousal Support and Adultery

Divorce: Does adultery affect spousal support?

Vancouver Divorce & Separation Lawyer on Protecting Yourself

How do I protect myself during separation?

Vancouver Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody: Do children have a say in child custody?

Vancouver Divorce and Social Media

Social Media: Can my Facebook page
hurt my family law case?

Vancouver Child Custody Lawyer on Child Alienation

Child Alienation: I think my spouse is alienating
my children from me. What can I do?

Divorce & Separation Agreements

Separation: Should I put a separation deal in writing?

Grey Divorce Lawyer on Spousal Support

Divorce: I’m divorcing after a long marriage.
Shouldn’t my wife become self sufficient?

Child Custody Lawyer on Changing Schools

Child Custody: Will a court allow a change of
school for my child?

Vancouver Divorce Tips

Divorce Tip: Put your best foot forward

Vancouver Divorce Tips on Going to Court

Lorne MacLean: Going to court alone often prolongs
your case

Spousal Support and Child Support Lawyer on Retroactive Correction

Retroactive Correction: Spousal and child support arrears

Parental Support Requested by Mother

Parental Support and pressure on government to stop it

Property Division Lawyer and BC Family Law

Divorce: BC Family Law Act Property Division

Lorne MacLean, QC and the Supreme Court of Canada

Canada AM Supreme Court Divorce Case


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