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MacLean Family Law Opens Calgary High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers and Relationship Exit strategy office in Bankers Hall, Downtown Calgary

MacLean Law, Calgary High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers, are pleased to open their Calgary office on June 1, 2016. Lorne MacLean, QC one of Western Canada’s most storied family lawyers has a penchant for advancing the law in Canada and for bringing a discrete and “laser like” focus to resolving high stakes family financial disputes and to crafting bespoke complex relationship exit strategies. He is also known for his hard hitting no nonsense  “all in” approach to winning high stakes financial disputes upon relationship breakdown on behalf of his wealthy family law clients.

Mr. MacLean, head of our Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers team, currently works on select high net worth and complex relationship exit cases in Calgary and can be reached at 403 444 5503.

When you have a “bet the bank” case it pays to contact Lorne MacLean QC. If you are involved in hard-hitting family law litigation and need top flight representation by Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers who bring commercial savvy and the ability to keep relationships with partners, investors, joint venture executives and bankers intact and undisturbed through a stressful process, think of Lorne N. MacLean, QC first. Our Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers recommend prenuptial and marriage agreements BEFORE marriage or a common law relationship.

Focus on The Oil Patch and Entrepreneurs and Developers

MacLean as the head of his crack team of Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers is proud to announce the opening of a specialty boutique family law office that will cater to the driven and successful entrepreneurs in the Alberta Oil Patch. The new offices of MacLean Law in Calgary will be located in Banker’s Hall downtown. The opening of our new Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers family office responds to repeated demands from high net worth family law clients resident in Calgary asking us to bring our family law expertise there on more than a the current very select basis.

Our  act for executives, business owners, professionals and oil patch magnates in delicately extracting them or their hard working spouses from complex high net worth financial cases involving companies, partnerships, ventures, real estate developments and oil patch related businesses.

Who Is Lorne MacLean, QC, And Why Can He Help Me?

The Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers at MacLean Law routinely deal with division of excluded property and family property in the tens of millions. Lorne MacLean, QC recently earned accolades as Chair of the PBLI family law seminar given to tax lawyers and estate planners called “The Grey Divorce”. His law firm is a multiple winner of Vancouver’s Best Family Law office and intends to bring that excellence to our downtown Calgary, Alberta office.

Former Client Praises MacLean

As an example of the family law wealth and asset protection skill set our Calgary high net worth divorce lawyers bring to the table, we quote from an ecstatic recent multi-millionaire client’s review of Lorne MacLean, QC:

Lorne has done an outstanding job with his work on my case which was extremely complex. He is accurate and quick, always up to date, his tenacity makes me wish never to have him as an opponent, and at the same time extremely fair looking at both sides of the picture. At the same time he has a great sense of humour. When things have to happen quickly AND well this is your man! He even hand delivered documents in person to my home on several occasions! No doubt top in his field and I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Mr. MacLean has helped set the law in Canada in a number of high profile family law cases including:

  • Young v Young Supreme Court of Canada the case that is cited more than any other in custody cases in the last quarter century on the principle of maximum contact. In this case as lawyer for the wife Mr MacLean obtained a sole custody order, 100% of the family home and special costs against the husband in a file that involved Attorneys, General Law societies and national intervenor groups

  • Leskun v Leskun, Supreme Court of Canada case dealing with the thorny issue of spousal support and spousal misconduct Mr. MacLean won at trial a modest spousal support payment on behalf of his client as the paying spouse by limiting the award to $2250 per month on his client’s income of over $275,000 at a time when the wife had no job.

  • Lightle v Kotar, Supreme Court of Canada leave denied after Mr. MacLean nearly tripled spousal support and removed a time limit on the support for his client in the BC Court of Appeal. Mr. MacLean set new Canadian law by having a stockbroker’s book of business declared to be a divisible family asset in a decision that sent chills through the Canadian brokerage industry

  • successful interim injunction protecting frozen embryos from being destroyed in Canada’s first frozen embryo dispute.

  • Three wins in Calgary’s Queen’s Bench for men seeking shared custody of their children including one where Mr. MacLean won a week on week off shared parenting arrangement between BC and Alberta of a 6 month old breastfeeding baby.

High Net Worth Relationship Breakdowns Involve Special Exceptions and Risks

Lorne N. MacLean, QC sees common themes in high net worth divorce cases:

  • When should the court depart from the child support guidelines for incomes in excess of $150,000?
  • When should the court depart from spousal support advisory guidelines and apply the $350,000 Cap rule?
  • How much capital is enough to mean no spousal support is payable at all?
  • What happens to huge swings in income and spousal and child support when the Oil Patch takes a huge hit? Do not delay in fixing the correct amount of support or you may be sorry.
  • In property valuation and division disputes the proper starting values and ending values need to be properly calculated as well as the gains in value of each asset and arguments on equitable division of the gain need to be creative.
  • Talk to us before placing pre-relationship wealth in joint names, or in the other spouse’s name for creditor protection or estate planning, as this can be a fatal error.
  • Ensure you have a comprehensive estate plan is in place, coupled with an executed and ironclad prenuptial agreement is crucial
  • Tax planning in disputed relationship breakdown case and the associated corporate and trust issues really require a seasoned lawyer who deals with these complex issues on a daily basis.
  • Valuing and dividing discretionary trusts as both the creator of and beneficiary of is a complex and developing area.
  • support disputes after retirement and re-partnering as wealthy boomers live longer and life to the fullest.
  • who gets the business and how is it valued against a family home and other assets.

If you have a difficult family case and want representation by savvy and no nonsense negotiators contact Lorne MacLean, QC and his team of Calgary High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers today at 403 444 5503