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Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips

Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips help our Prince George family law clients successfully resolve their family law cases. MacLean Law is an award-winning family law firm with 6 offices across BC and Alberta. Our commitment to Northern BC and Alberta is well known. We hope today’s Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips blog by Ana Sadovska assists you. COVID 19 has affected the daily operations at the Prince George Courthouse but our lawyers are working 24/7 to assist family law clients in Northern BC.

The current COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in emergency and urgent applications for child parenting issues and child and spousal support applications, both in the first instance for newly separated parties and additionally to vary support for those who may have suffered income or job loss during the current stressful times. Our best Prince George Family lawyers help negotiate, mediate, and if necessary litigate child parenting time and financial family law disputes. Our firm has won precedent-setting judgments in the Supreme Court of Canada in Young v Young, and in Leskun v Leskun, our lawyers have set new law in the BC Court of Appeal and Lorne MacLean, QC just set the record for BC spousal and child support at $116,000 a month. Mr. MacLean handles our high net worth Northern BC files. We take on the most difficult and complex cases and routinely expose hidden income and assets, we have jailed lying spouses, obtained lifetime protection orders, and obtained special costs orders against them including a record award of $1,500,000. Check out the press coverage on some of our latest wins. 

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MacLean Family Law continues to expand its operations into new areas of British Columbia and we are now excited to take on clients in Prince George, British Columbia. All of our 6 offices are open for business full time. MacLean Law’s Prince George family lawyers have experience in helping parents navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic crisis when it comes to parenting time with their children. Each family matter is unique, and Jaye Rutledge and Anastasiya Sadovska out of our Northern BC, Fort St. John office, and James Macdonnell and Fraser MacLean of our Vancouver office look forward to helping you with your family matter.

Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips

In addition to parenting issues amidst the Covid-19 crisis, our Prince George family lawyers can assist you with the following issues:

  1. family property division;
  2. Spousal support;
  3. Child support;
  4. Separation, Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements;
  5. Family violence protection orders;
  6. Interim support variation orders;
  7. Restraining orders to avoid the disposition of matrimonial family property; and
  8. Covid-19 parenting and custody applications.

Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips – New Case

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In a new Prince George Provincial Court decision, the Honourable Judge Malfair ruled on a parenting dispute between two parents who shared parenting time with their 15 and 12-year-old children. The Court made it very clear that Covid-19 concern in itself is not a change in circumstances that warrants denial of parenting time. Whatever your situation is with your ex-spouse and your children, our Prince George family lawyers can help as you do not want to go in front of a judge disadvantaged and with your hands tied behind your back. Furthermore, the Court had the following to say:

[15]T.S. argues that due to the COVID19 pandemic it is unsafe for the children to be transported from Pitt Meadows to Prince George, a drive of around eight to nine hours.  She and her counsel made references to news reports about the potential dangers of COVID19 and mysteries surrounding its transmission.  I expressed that given this was an urgent matter and the application was brought on short notice, I was open to considering any relevant directives or information published by B.C. or Canadian health authorities, but could not take judicial notice of the risks of transmission of this disease based on anecdotal news reports of individual cases.

[17]The proposed method of transportation is that the children would be in the private motor vehicle of their parents from their mother’s residence in Pitt Meadows to their father’s residence in Prince George, with the children being exchanged between the parents part way.  There will be no exposure to other persons during this period of transport.  T.S. argues that returning the children to Prince George is nonetheless unsafe because they would need to eat and use the washroom during their eighthour journey, which would expose them to the risk of transmission of the virus.

[18]I find the issue of food consumption is readily dealt with by T.S. packing meals for the children to eat on the road, which would eliminate the need for them to handle packaging associated with takeout food.  I question whether such precaution is even necessary, given our public health authorities have deemed it safe for Canadians to attend drivethroughs and consume takeout food in the course of this pandemic.  I do not find the children’s need to eat on the journey a compelling basis to justify the temporary change of residence of the children.

[19]With respect to the children’s need to use washrooms, there are numerous rest stops and gas stations on the highway between the Lower Mainland and Prince George.  The public health authorities have not considered such amenities to be of sufficient risk of viral transmission to warrant their closure.  Indeed, numerous truckers and delivery persons continue to use these facilities during the course of this pandemic to keep the vital supply chains open.

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Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips

If you need experienced and reasonably priced Prince George Child Parenting and Custody lawyers, call us immediately so you, your children, and your family are protected. We hope our Best Prince George Family Lawyers Tips have helped you understand family and divorce law better.