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Our How Do I Win Spousal Support Video helps you understand how to successfully deal with spousal support. Lorne MacLean, QC is one of the best spousal support lawyers in Canada and he just set a record for winning spousal support at $100,000 per month for his delighted client. His wins also include a far below spousal support low-end SSAG guideline win in the leading spousal support review Supreme Court of Canada case of Leskun v. Leskun. Lorne Maclean, QC is also named as one of Canada’s top 25 lawyers by Canadian Lawyer. If you really want to win spousal support, it makes sense for you to watch feared family litigator MacLean’s video on how spousal support works, so you can increase your chances of a favourable outcome in your spousal support claim.

How Do I Win Spousal Support Video

How Do I Win Spousal Support Video
Lorne MacLean QC wins Top 25 most influential Canadian lawyers

If you are a business owner, professional, entrepreneur, or homemaker of a wealthy spouse who you have tirelessly supported by giving up your career and by raising well-adjusted children, you deserve to be represented by someone in the upper echelon of Canadian spousal support lawyers. MacLean Law is Canada’s national family law firm with offices across Canada in BC, Alberta Manitoba, and Ontario. Our spousal support lawyers work tirelessly for payors and recipients of spousal support to ensure that a fair support order amount and duration are attained by settlement or by court order. For more answers to questions on spousal support, you can go to our spousal support page to start but it is important that you meet with one of our top lawyers who can give you a  bespoke family law strategy on your special fact pattern.

For more information on how spousal support works from record-setting spousal support award lawyer Lorne MacLean, QC read this article.

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