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Canadian Iranian Divorce Family Lawyers

Vancouver Iranian Persian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer and family attorney, Rana Yavari, looks forward to assisting top-rated Lorne MacLean, Q.C. in serving the Iranian, Persian, and Farsi speaking community in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. Call Rana Yavari directly at Tel 604 697 2802 if you are Persian and want to speak with a lawyer who speaks Farsi and who is sensitive to the cultural issues of the Persian community.

Vancouver Iranian Persian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer
Lorne MacLean, QC named Top 25 Canadian Lawyer 2020

Vancouver Iranian Persian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer 604 697 2802

The Vancouver Iranian Persian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer lawyers at MacLean Law focuses on handling medium to high net worth divorce and family law files. We handle BC marriage agreements through to disputed trials and appeals of BC family asset valuations and divisions of businesses, trusts, real properties including Canadian and Iranian properties. We understand the Iranian marriage laws, as well, and we are sensitive to the cultural issues of the Iranian and Farsi speaking community. Speak with our Vancouver Iranian Persian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer team.

The Family Law Act contains a property sharing regime that will make the valuation of assets at the start of a relationship as critical as their family property values at the end of the relationship. The division of family and other trusts under this act may have unintended and drastic results for unsuspecting separating Persian and Iranian BC family law clients. Hiring a dedicated Iranian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer who knows both the Persian culture and the BC laws is critical. Recent media articles show the differences that exist between Iranian and BC laws on divorce.

High Net Worth Vancouver Lawyers 604 697 2802

Managing Partner Lorne MacLean Q.C. and Rana Yavari see the issues that arise with high net worth Iranian and Persian clients as often involving:

  • how will Iranian and foreign property and property owned with third parties be valued and dealt with;
  • how will an Iranian marriage contract affect property division in BC? Under the marriage law of Iran, dower is not the exchange of property or consideration given by the man to the woman for entering into the contract; rather, the effect of the contract is as a token of respect for its subject, the woman. The amount of dower is considered to be an indication of the social status of the woman, and therefore there is usually a serious process of negotiation prior to marriage. When it is agreed upon by the parties, the Mehrieh becomes the absolute property of the woman, who may demand that it be delivered to her any time during the marriage. BC courts will need to deal with this issue and decide whether this contract bars the application of BC law and its property division provisions;
  • retirement issues for those Iranian parties who immigrated to Canada later in life;
  • assessing the comparative value of a tax-free BC matrimonial home versus a latent tax debt-laden company in BC or Iran or elsewhere and how to best minimize tax on the division of taxable family property;
  • the concept of double-dipping when BC or a foreign -often Iranian company’s income is used to value the business above its breakup value and what date should be used to value a pension;
  • what was the value of assets in Iran and Canada brought by each party into the marriage and will the assets or their gain be divided globally or individually and how will the tax be calculated on these local and foreign assets. Hiring an Iranian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer just makes sense in this complex area;
  • amongst other issues what debts in Iran and in Canada and how will they be divided;
  • what income in Canada and Iran should be used for child support and spousal support as they can well be different!
  • why you should consider a cohabitation and marriage agreement immediately if you are from Iran and have substantial assets and income and your spouse does not.
  • why you need concentrated and focused help to obtain a fair marriage agreement if you are Iranian and considering the traditional marriage laws and gold coins or the Canadian Laws.

Call Our Vancouver Iranian and Persian Farsi Family Lawyer Rana Yavari Today at 1 877 602 9900

We have a passionate Iranian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer, namely Rana Yavari who speaks fluent Farsi and she is focused on assisting you in moving on to a successful post-divorce life. Call Rana Yavari at our downtown office at 604 697 2802 or toll-free at 1 877 602 9900 to set up an initial consultation.

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