BC Spousal Support lawyer, Lorne MacLean, QC

BC Spousal Support Lawyer, Lorne MacLean, QC

Spousal support helps ensure that no family member faces undue economic hardship as a result of a separation or divorce. In the event of your marriage breakdown, it’s important that both you and your spouse are able to continue to meet your daily needs and live and work to your full potential as you move forward to a new future.

BC Spousal support requirements apply to opposite- and same-sex common-law and married couples, and you can choose to resolve your BC or Vancouver spousal support matters through negotiated or mediated agreement between you and your spouse, or by court order.Multiple factors come into play when assessing BC spousal support. Your eligibility to pay or receive spousal support and the recommended amount payable are dependent upon your unique marriage and financial circumstances, federal and provincial guidelines, as well as specific rules, criteria, formulas and time limitations. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, called “SSAG” for short, provide direction for both quantum and the duration of BC spousal support. The “with” and “without child” spousal support formulas contain dramatic differences in the amount  and duration of spousal support payable.

Examples of mitigating circumstances related to spousal support include whether one and/or the other of you holds significant capital, investments, or trust interests, owns a business, or is a professional with a ‘book of business.’ Another consideration is the length of your marriage. Spouses in longer marriages often have very different family and financial arrangements than those in shorter marriages. Likewise, remarriage, repartnering, and retirement can present aging spouses with particular challenges in moving forward.

This helpful BC spousal support calculator will help give you an initial estimate of the support payment amount and how long BC spousal support lasts. You’ll also want to ensure you have the strategic, expert counsel of MacLean Law’s experienced spousal support lawyers to steer you through this very complex, often highly emotional aspect of your separation or divorce.

We’ll help you resolve your family financial matters so that you can move securely forward to a successful future.

Read Lorne MacLean, Q.C.’s explanation of how interim spousal support works in BC.

Winning your Spousal Support CaseCall a BC Family Spousal Support Lawyer at MacLean Law to ensure equitable spousal support arrangements.


Financial uncertainties are often a hindrance to moving on from a marriage or marriage-like relationship. Call MacLean Law – the BC Family Lawyers who are versed in complicated BC spousal support issues at 1 877 602 9900. We’ll discreetly help you find the right solution to financial independence through separation and divorce. Connect now for a confidential initial consultation.


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