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Are Vancouver Marriage Agreements Enforceable?

Are Vancouver Marriage Agreements Enforceable? The answer is: that depends. Vancouver marriage agreements that are fairly negotiated and that reasonably contemplated how the marriage actually played out are likely to be upheld. Unfairly negotiated agreements or fairly negotiated agreements that did not predict how the marriage developed are likely to be set aside entirely or […]

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Vancouver Prenuptial Agreements Lawyers

PRENUP — THE (NEXT) BEST CHOICE YOU EVER MADE! Vancouver prenuptial agreements lawyers prepare “prenups” known as prenuptial agreements and also called  “marriage agreements” in British Columbia. Vancouver prenuptial agreements lawyers will explain that a prenup is an agreement between two people that deals with the financial consequences of their marriage ending. Our Vancouver prenuptial […]

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BC Cohabitation Agreements, BC Prenuptial Agreements and BC Marriage Agreement Vancouver Family Law and Divorce Lawyers

As BC’s largest family law firm with four offices,  including our head office in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, across the Province and 9 lawyers we offer the following advice on agreements to our BC family law clients who are about to embark on what they hope will be a happy and fulfilling relationship whether it […]

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