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Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers

Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers help children and their parents deal with a family dysfunction associated with relationship breakdown. In today’s blog, by Peter Graburn of our downtown Calgary family lawyers and Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers’ team, explains strategies to deal with what is a serious issue in high conflict separations. Calgary Parental Alienation […]

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Calgary Parental Alienation Lawyers

Calgary Parental Alienation Lawyers handle high conflict child custody disputes that reach a toxic level. Top lawyers know immediate court action is needed in these heartbreaking cases. MacLean Law’s Calgary Parental Alienation Lawyers know that not every case where a child is reluctant to spend time with a parent is parental alienation. But when parental alienation […]

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Surrey Parental Alienation Lawyers

Surrey Parental Alienation Lawyers  and Your Child’s Best Interests – Part 1 Our Surrey parental alienation lawyers know that disputes around parental alienation can involve situations where one parent intentionally separates their child from the other parent, or cases where a child decides to break off contact with the other parent without a good reason. […]

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