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Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers

Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers help children and their parents deal with a family dysfunction associated with relationship breakdown. In today’s blog, by Peter Graburn of our downtown Calgary family lawyers and Calgary Parental Alienation Estrangement Lawyers’ team, explains strategies to deal with what is a serious issue in high conflict separations. Calgary Parental Alienation […]

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BC Parental Alienation And Canadian Cases

MacLean Law has been in the forefront of protecting children during separation for over 30 years.  BC parental alienation and or BC parental estrangement is a serious issue in high conflict cases. We have held seminars and created videos to explain the hurtful scenario that occurs in BC parental alienation cases. We can be reached […]

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BC High Conflict Child Custody Parental Alienation- Levels of Alienation

Lorne MacLean and Ari Wormeli are just finishing week 4 of a highly contested BC parental alienation and or estrangement case. These cases require a tremendous amount of work to uncover which aspect and or parent is causing the children to ally with one against visiting the other parent. Such cases are heartbreaking below we […]

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