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Unequal Family Property Division

Unequal family property division means one spouse receives more than the normal 50/50 division of family property. Section 95 of the BC Family Law Act allows for unequal division if equal division would be significantly unfair. But how does unequal family property division occur and how often? A key unequal family property division case was […]

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Vancouver Unequal Family Property Division

Vancouver Unequal Family Property Division  is explained by Lorne N. MacLean, QC founder of Vancouver’s best family law firm with 5 BC offices 604-602-9000. MacLean Law is a repeat winner of Vancouver’s Best Family Law Firm and  our skilled lawyers operate out of  7 offices across Western Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna, Fort St […]

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BC Unequal Family Property Division

On March 18, 2013, the law in British Columbia will change with the new Family Law Act and the Courts will be required to divide all property, that is not excluded property, “equally” between the spouses (or common law partners) unless it is “significantly unfair” to do so.  This is a change from the old […]

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