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Top Vancouver Family Lawyers

Vancouver Family Lawyers - MacLean Law

Are you looking for Top Vancouver Family Lawyers? MacLean Law has some of the Top Vancouver Family Lawyers as selected by satisfied clients and prestigious TOP CHOICE AWARDS. Our lawyers can be reached in Vancouver, Calgary, Surrey, Kelowna, Fort St John and Richmond BC.

We are delighted to announce that the Top Vancouver Family Lawyers 2018 award goes to MacLean Law for the third time in a row!

Resolving your Family Law Matter

Top Vancouver Family LawyersMacLean Law’s Top Vancouver family lawyers bring our strategic perspective and collaborative approach to you, our client. Our team is at the forefront of family law and we can champion your case in court, at mediations and arbitrations, with the utmost discretion.

We’ve assembled a bright, highly devoted, motivated team that’s uniquely structured to allow us to respond nimbly, proactively, and innovatively to your needs. Where beneficial, we also partner with select other highly regarded family support professionals to provide you with the most comprehensive assistance necessary to best address your particular family law needs.

Resolve your family law challenges with MacLean Law – your top Vancouver Family Lawyers.

MacLean Law focuses on medium to high net worth financial disputes involving entitlement, quantum and duration of child support and spousal support, valuation and tax issues related to to division of family and matrimonial property and exempt and excluded property. We handle interjurisdictional family disputes involving child custody and abduction cases, support disputes, and international property division cases involving property around the world including China. We have Western Canada’s largest Mandarin and Cantonese fluent family law department.

If you have a high stakes family business, family trust, self employed income or child parenting time dispute, you should pick up the phone now and call us at 1-877-602-9900 and reach out to us to begin to get a strategy in place to resolve your family matter. Click here to book an initial consultation.

Top Vancouver family lawyers

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