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Vancouver Calgary Wealthy Grey Divorce advice strategies involve hiring a legal and support professional team to avoid financial reverses. Lorne N. Maclean, QC heads MacLean Law’s Vancouver and Calgary high net worth family law separation and divorce team. MacLean has written frequently on how high net worth Vancouver, BC and Calgary wealthy separating boomers can protect themselves when separating and starting afresh in a new loving relationship. Our high net worth divorce and family law separation team has 6 offices across BC and in Calgary Alberta. Call us toll free at 1-877-602-9900 to get the advice you need to protect yourself.

We are Vancouver’s top* rated family law firm says Top Choice awards for 4 of the past 5 years! Our 2018 rating by satisfied family law clients is 95/100.

In North America, China, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan, long term 20 plus year marriages are ending in record numbers. Interestingly, every Canadian and Chinese marriage like relationship couple besides the baby boomers, have had their divorce rates either stabilize or head in the opposite direction.

Grey Divorce Video

Leave no margin for error. MacLean Law will help you maximize financial security.

Vancouver Calgary Wealthy Grey Divorce Advice – Questions

More than ever before in the history of the world, couples around the globe with decades-long unions, are making the same decision to end their relationships.

  1. Is BC and Calgary “Grey Divorce” or “Silver separation” an epidemic or a normal function of people living longer and being bombarded with social media messages that “you deserve to be happy”?
  2. Do BC and Calgary late in life separations mean both parties will suffer financially or can they both live more happily and just as well financially by hiring savvy high net worth BC and Calgary family separation and divorce lawyers?
  3. Are wealthy BC and Calgary boomers taking their half share and saying I can do better or I want to live out my remaining years happier and more fulfilled?

These are all great questions. A recent National Post article talks about the challenges and why you need a skiled lawyer like Lorne N. MacLean, QC. Clearly, “Over 50” dating sites are swamped with wealthy, fit and attractive men and women ready to start over. New and successful relationships are happening more than ever. In this blog we review strategies on how to ease the stress of a grey divorce and how to protect yourself when you start an exciting new relationship.

Vancouver Calgary Wealthy Grey Divorce Advice – Rethinking A Successful Relationship

Lorne N. MacLean, QC has seen it all in 35 years of high net worth family law separation and divorce practice and he explains that we need to rethink our view of what a successful marriage is.  MacLean suggests that we need to take a new view of what a successful marriage is:

  1. a relationship is better defined more by quality than permanence,
  2. it may now make more sense to think about an intimate partnership lasting for shorter bursts of time – one for the starting-out years, another for the career-building and/or child-raising years and another for the last lap.
  3. any marriage over 20 years needs to be acknowledged as a huge success to be celebrated even when it ends.

Vancouver, Calgary and Chinese boomers have accumulated vast wealth due to rising Canadian and Chinese real estate and stock market values. Both spouses, whether bread winner or homemaker and primary parent of the parties children, are entitled to equal family property division and close to if not equal lifestyles at the end of a long marriage. Wealth and asset protection strategies are critical in these situations.

Many Vancouver, Calgary and Mainland Chinese clients that MacLean Law’s high net worth family and divorce lawyers service, often have net worth’s in the multi-million or even billions of dollars, so separations will leave either party with an enviable net worth after they each get their fair share. For others, careful planning will help cushion the impact of increased costs of creating two new family units.

What are the 7 Key ways to Ensure Each Party Is a Winner after A Vancouver, Calgary or Chinese Grey Divorce?

  1. Hire a lawyer with a record of success in court on high stakes divorces. It’s no surprise the most feared courtroom lawyers, like Lorne N MacLean, QC get the best settlements for their clients. Remember, business owner and professional practice owner personal tax returns rarely reflect the real family income to be divided.
  2. Hire a high net worth divorce and separation lawyer who is familiar with high net worth grey divorce who also has has access to top psychologists, career counsellors, financial planners and tax specialists.
  3. Make sure your lawyer knows how to get full disclosure of all family property, including family trusts and beneficial interests in trusts, pension plans, including supplemental pension plans, stock options, banked time, shareholder loans and the true value of various classes of family property like homes, investments and companies.
  4. Ensure your lawyer understands how mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law approaches can lead to successful outcomes. There is no shame in obtaining an out of court settlement that saves time, money and stress for you.
  5. Hiring a lawyer who knows how income taxes, capital gains, shareholders loans, capital dividend accounts and other specialized company financial issues can mean a settlement that gains you millions. Creating a settlement plan that uses tax deductions to ease the burden of separation makes everyone a winner.
  6. If there is a family business, matters are more challenging. A spouse who has never worked in the business may end up with some level of ownership, so how will they share in profits and the gain in value, who will monitor the operation, what will the managing spouse get as a salary, what happens in the event of disputes and what happens to third party interests? Make sure your lawyer understands Capital Dividend Accounts, Shareholder Loans and Distributive Taxes and how to audit company financial statements.
  7. Changing beneficiary designations on pensions, RRSP’s, life insurance policies and joint accounts is crucial as forgetting to do so can cost your new spouse or heirs millions. Make sure you prepare a new Will upon separation and again after the divorce is over.

New Relationships  Mean Asset and Income Protection

If you are involved in a new relationship you should consider protecting your children from your first relationship and your assets and income by entering into a bespoke prenuptial, cohabitation or marriage agreement that:

  • protects your pre-acquired family property,
  • sets out financial responsibilities in your new relationship,
  • protects your children if you die and
  • establishes a reasonable award to your new spouse of support and family property if your new relationship does not work out.

Prenuptial Agreement Video

MacLean Law will help you understand your options for a bespoke marriage agreement.


For more information on prenuptial and marriage agreements, check out our great blog on Vancouver prenuptial agreements.

Hire Lorne N. MacLean, QC and His Team

Lorne N. MacLean, QC’s record of winning high stakes grey divorce cases includes:

  1. substantial spousal and child support order wins of up to $90,000 or more a month,
  2. setting of new law on contingent trusts and book of business cases,
  3. division of family business profit cases before trial,
  4. pre-tax profit cases involving, lucrative businesses, professional practices and real estate developments regarding support,
  5. Anton Pillar seizure orders to root out missing income and assets,
  6. Mareva Injunctions on world wide family property to ensure money and property is preserved,
  7. unequal division of business property, and
  8. leading Supreme Court of Canada decisions on child custody, family property, special costs and spousal support.

Top* Vancouver Calgary Wealthy Grey Divorce Advice – Move Forward Successfully

Going through a grey divorce or silver separation isn’t the end. Rather a grey divorce is an exciting new beginning where both spouses acknowledge and are grateful for what they accomplished as a couple.  A good grey divorce lawyer helps you move forward with income and family property so you thrive for the rest of your live and keep your finances safe.

Hiring high net worth grey divorce and silver separation lawyers like top* rated Lorne N. MacLean, QC who are savvy as well as compassionate, helps everyone move forward successfully free of bitterness and with financial security.

Call us Now at 1-877-602-9900 for Winning Vancouver Calgary Wealthy Grey Divorce advice.

*Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019), Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, Read more about our awards.