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How Do I Vary BC Interim Support

Want to Avoid Vancouver High Net Worth Separation Mistakes? Lorne N. Maclean, QC founder of MacLean Law and senior Vancouver high net worth separation lawyers Lorne MacLean, QC Nick Davies and Tal Wolf handle numerous Vancouver High Net Worth Separation disputes. In today’s blog, Lorne N. MacLean, QC will help you Avoid Vancouver High Net Worth Divorce Mistakes.

You can reach Lorne MacLean, QC in Vancouver at Tel 604 697 2800

MacLean has a  long history of success in trials involving precedent-setting awards in child custody, spousal and child support, family property division involving successful companies and a recent near Canadian record-setting spousal and child support award of over $115,000 a month in the international high net worth case of D v D.

Our victory in a multimillion dollar trial speaks volumes for how tenacious efforts can yield huge results with multimillion dollar property awards, multimillion-dollar lump sum spousal and child support awards and even special costs against opposing parties. D V D # 2

When high net worth spouses are considering separation, any mistakes they make will be magnified many times by the dollars involved.

How To Avoid Vancouver High Net Worth Separation Mistakes 

  1. Not Being Prepared:  Vancouver High Net Worth divorces involve at least one and commonly two high net worth spouses plus wealthy extended family members, so ensuring everything is in order before you start or respond to a high net worth separation or divorce action just makes common sense. Remember knowledge is the power which can be worth thousands of dollars. Being organized can help you Avoid Vancouver High Net Worth Separation Mistakes.
  2. Agreeing to an unfair settlement just to get your BC High Net Worth Separation over with because you think you have found your soul mate, you feel guilty or you want to be a hero or even a martyr: Agreeing to unfairly low or exorbitant terms related to spousal and child support; giving up ownership for a paltry sum of a lucrative family business, professional practice, vineyard or waterfront estates, and family trusts; or otherwise foolishly agreeing to an unfair division of family property or debts just to get away from your spouse you can’t stand being near, or just to be with someone else, can have a devastating impact on you financially. Remember, trying to vary an unfair agreement after the fact, rather than making a fair deal in a reasoned fashion at the start with a savvy high net worth Vancouver Family lawyer is much harder and definitely more costly.
  3. Rushing To Settle To Get It Over With: When it comes to financial security for the rest of your life or after a grey divorce, a Vancouver High Net Worth Separation is the equivalent to the dissolution of a business and decisions should not be made rashly, because you are angry, or hurt, or anxious, or without the protection of a experienced high net worth Kelowna family lawyer’s advice.
  4. Hiding Income and Family Property: You are highly unlikely to succeed in this scheme, your credibility will be destroyed and the consequences for will be harsh. Our experienced Vancouver high net worth family lawyers are skilled at lifestyle audits to discover hidden cash income, tracing and freezing of hidden family property, in the execution of Anton Pillar raids ( We found nearly $3,000,000 in a recent win), worldwide property Mareva Injunctions (for international family property cases), in obtaining forensic audits, fines and special costs awards and even jail time. (yes we really have jailed opposing parties!)
  5. Failure to Properly Account for Assets and Liabilities and To Investigate The Other Sides Finances:  When you are going through a Vancouver High Net Worth Separation you will need to fill out a financial affidavit called a FORM 8 and provide certain financial documents.   It is important that you take this income and family property legal inventory seriously and ensure all information is accurate and up to date. Our Vancouver High Net Worth Separation lawyers know it is time-consuming and tedious to put these items together in a Kelowna High Net Worth Separation, but failure to do so properly can leave you holding the bag for family debts that should not be yours or you giving up family property or paying or receiving child and spousal support amounts that are inappropriate because you failed to be rigorous. Hire a top rated* Vancouver High Net Worth Separation lawyer who can get the bottom of both you and your spouse’s substantial family property and income.
  6. Failure to Consider Tax Consequences:  Vancouver High Net Worth Separation involves million dollar family homes, stocks with latent taxes, vacation properties around the world with potential double taxes, companies with taxes related to drawing money out, shareholders loans, Capital dividend accounts, personal deductions buried in company expenses and more. In Vancouver High Net Worth Separation cases tax consequences can be worth millions.

Finally, Do This To Avoid BC High Net Worth Divorce Mistakes 

Not Hiring A Top Vancouver High Net Worth Separation Lawyer: When you are going through what is probably one of the most difficult experiences of your life, you need a top rated* Vancouver family lawyer that regularly handles Vancouver High Net Worth Separation cases, on your side, that is going to help you think clearly.

Our Vancouver high net worth separation family lawyers will guide you strategically through the legal maze to maximize your future financial security. Most high net worth separations are settled discretely out of court. MacLean writes and lectures on grey divorce involving wealthy boomers and brings a razor-sharp mind to resolving these high stakes divorces.

Consider hiring Lorne MacLean, QC or one of MacLean Family Law’s senior Vancouver High Net Worth Separation lawyers who handle these complex cases daily.  We can help you Avoid Vancouver BC High Net Worth Separation Mistakes. Contact Lorne MacLean, QC direct at Tel 604 697 2800

*Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019), Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, lawerratingz.com. Read more about our awards.