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Fort St John Family Estate Litigation

Fort St John Family Estate Litigation lawyers focus on winning strategies to help our clients resolve their family law and estate litigation matters. In today’s Fort St John Family Estate Litigation blog, 2019 -2020 articled student Anastasiya Sadovska recounts her experiences as a summer student at our thriving Fort St John and Dawson Creek divorce, separation and estate litigation office.

Fort St John Family Estate Litigation 250 262 5052

In the summer of 2018, I joined the team at MacLean Law in Fort St. John, BC and could not have asked for a more diverse and valuable experience in family, as well as estate litigation. Not only did I get to explore the Peace Region on the weekend, but I got to understand all the intricacies of family units in the area. The oil & gas and farming families need prenuptial and separation agreements, help with divorces, estate plans, contracts, debt collections, as well as legal business advice. If your family or loved ones are going through a break-up of a relationship or there is a looming division of family property, such as homes, family companies and commercial real estate, tractors, RVs, heavy transport and welding trucks, campers, homesteads, farms, acreages, or cattle – we can help. Our Fort St John Family Estate Litigation lawyers are focused on solutions.

There is plenty of legal work to be done in the area of Alaska Highway and across the North Peace. Our office is staffed with an experienced family and estate litigation lawyer, a paralegal and a legal assistant – all who know and understand the area and the people of the region well. Senior family lawyers from our award-winning downtown office regularly handle more complex cases. This year we are adding two articled students growing our Fort St John family estate litigation local team to 5. This will allow us to help more people who need urgent legal advice.

Fort St John family estate litigation
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We are able to settle matters quietly and discretely, however, we will not shy away from a fight in court for our clients. If the matter proceeds to court we will act for you across the North Peace including the Dawson Creek and Fort St John Courthouses.

Fort St John Family Estate Litigation Court Lawyers 250 262 5052

We love helping the teachers, farmers, small business owners, and other professionals as well. The team at the Fort St. John MacLean office are also able to communicate in several languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and French. No matter the cultural or linguistic background, we appreciate and understand the troubles that come with relationship break-down, and we want to help. Sometimes the people in the area will get divorced, will have unfortunate car accidents, or end up in unpleasant and gruesome estate disputes. Clients are the center of attention in our office, and we serve a wide region, including but not limited to Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Grand Prairie, Taylor, and Prince George.

The team at all of the MacLean offices are collaborative and passionate about the access to justice. There are multiple benefits to practicing law in a smaller community such as Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. As a summer student, I was welcomed to work on files with the Vancouver and Kelowna team members. Throughout my time at MacLean I regularly attended the Provincial and Superior courts of BC, as well as private negotiations, examination for discovery and firm events. The people of the Peace region need trusted local legal counsel so they are not forced to pay increased costs for out-of-town lawyers. Judges in the region welcome experienced and local counsel, as well as articled students – as that greatly increases access to justice and wait times for the members of the community. The people of the Peace Region greatly benefit by having trusted advisors like the local and tenacious MacLean Law family and civil litigation lawyers that they can form life-long professional relationships with.

Fort St John Family Estate Litigation Settlement Lawyers 250 262 5052

I am honoured to once again join the MacLean Fort St John Family Estate Litigation team in May of 2019 as I love my job at the Fort St. John office and I’m very excited to get back in the legal saddle again!

Fort St. John Office, MacLean Family Law
Fort St. John Office, MacLean Family Law

Call Jeff Courson at our Fort St John Family Estate Litigation Lawyer 250 262 5052

Associate lawyer, Jeff Courson is happy to take on new clients in our downtown Fort St. John office and to help clients from Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas of the North Peace. We would gladly assist you with unfair Will disputes, administration of estate issues, divorce, prenuptial and separation agreements, family property division, child and spousal support, enforcement of parenting time and personal injury matters. To meet with us click here to get started.