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Express Entry Immigration To Canada

Fastest immigration pathway to Canada – Express Entry

The Canadian Economic Class is one of the most popular pathways for people who wish to become permanent residents of Canada based on their skilled work experience. In today’s blog, Helen Han and Sunny Chiu of MacLean Law will briefly go over the Economic Class and its expedited application intake system, named Express Entry, which is by far the quickest immigration pathway in Canada. Contact our team of BC immigration lawyers.

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Express Entry is an online system that uses a scoring system to manage permanent residence applications for skilled workers.

Three major Canadian economic immigration programs use the Express Entry system:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trade

General Process:

The applicant needs to meet the minimum eligibility criteria for an economic class stream (e.g. Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker program) and create an online Express Entry profile. Once the profile is submitted, you are allocated a Comprehensive Ranking System (“CRS”) score based on several factors, such as age, education level, knowledge of an official language and work experience.  IRCC will conduct a bi-weekly draw to invite certain numbers of candidates from the Express Entry pool to apply for permanent residence. Upon receiving the invitation, the candidate has 60 days to prepare and submit the PR application. After the candidate submits the PR application, the IRCC takes around 6 months to complete your inquiry and make a decision on your file.

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  • Online processing: Express Entry is using accepting profiles and applications through their online website for the entire invitation and application process, which makes everything efficient and convenient. Before the Express Entry system was announced, paper-based applications were required, which caused more application delays and documents lost in the mail.
  • Fastest immigration pathway: It takes 6 months to process a PR application counting from the date you have submitted your PR application.
  • Federal immigration system: Express Entry is a federal system, therefore the candidate receives invitation directly from IRCC and submits PR applications directly to IRCC. You may not necessarily need to rely on a provincial nominee program or a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment before you could submit the PR application. For overseas candidates, even you don’t have any Canadian work or study background, you may still qualify for the Express Entry program under the system.  Also, there are no settlement restrictions after you successfully immigrate to Canada under Express Entry, unlike some other immigration programs.

Rounds of Invitation in 2019/2020 and analysis:

As displayed on the IRCC website, IRCC held 26 rounds of invitations (called an “Invitation to Apply” or “ITA”) and issued 85,300 invitations in 2019. Besides 2 rounds of Federal Skilled Trades invitations, IRCC issued more than 3,300 invitations for each round. On January 30, 2019, there was a round of invitations that had a minimum threshold score of 438, meaning all candidates with a score of 438 or above were invited to apply for PR. 438 was the lowest minimum threshold throughout 2019.  The highest minimum invitation threshold was 475 which happened on October 30, 2019.  The average minimum threshold was 460.

In 2020, IRCC held the fifth round of invitation last week with the minimum threshold of 471, which is higher than the previous invitation round’s 470. Moreover, all of the CRS scores were at least 470 or above, which were relatively high.

To put the 470 CRS points into perspective, assuming you are an international graduate with a bachelor’s degree, worked in Canada for 1 year, and have language test scores of CLB 9, you will end up having 462 CRS points, which is still lower than recent invitation thresholds.

Express Entry Immigration To Canada Lawyers

Clearly, as one of the most welcomed immigration pathways to Canada, the EE minimum invitation threshold has been much higher than the past few years, which means candidates needed to be more qualified than before to receive an invitation for PR. Our top BC immigration lawyers can help maximize your chances of success on your EE Express entry application.

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How to improve your score and chance to get invited from the EE Express entry system, please contact MacLean Law’s professional immigration team for advice. Our Express Entry Immigration to Canada immigration team will provide you the best support and guidance to your application, and our experienced lawyer team will help you with the professional evaluation and seal your success to immigration.