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Fort St John Family Lawyers

Fort St John Family Lawyers are a hardy breed and the family and estate litigation lawyers at MacLean Law bring the same passion and entrepreneurial spirit to the table as do the hard-working people of Fort St John and Dawson Creek. In today’s blog, Jaye Rutledge, one of our two resident North Peace lawyers, and Fort St John local success story, recounts her first weeks at MacLean Law and explains why she loves helping people resolve challenging family law matters. MacLean Law is a top rated* family law and estate litigation firm that has repeatedly won the Top Vancouver Family Law Firm award from Top Choice. Lorne MacLean, QC the founder of MacLean Law’s Fort St John Family Lawyers bought land and built an office in 2006 in the North Peace that employs a number of passionate and hardworking North Peace family law team members.

Fort St John Family Lawyers Tel 250 262 5052

In 2019, MacLean Family Law’s Fort St John Family Lawyers welcomed  Jaye Rutledge and Anastasiya Sadovska to their Fort St. John office.

MacLean Law lawyer, Anastasiya Sadovska recounted her summer experience working at MacLean Law in Fort St. John. Our Fort St John Family Lawyers handle all family law and estate litigation issues.

Jaye and Anastasiya are now passionate lawyers based out of at our Fort St John office and their clients are appreciative:

“I’ve had the pleasure of retaining Ms. Jaye Rutledge based out of Fort St John and I am beyond thrilled with the services I have received. All correspondence is done in a very efficient and timely manner, and she has always made herself available to me and my children needs. I highly recommend her if you are in northern BC for your family law issues. I wish I could fully articulate how happy I am with her, and every dollar spent on our file is worth it. Whenever I have questions regarding unusual situations Ms. Rutledge responds quickly and if she doesn’t have the answer, she finds it out and will eagerly cite other cases that are relevant to the situation. She has advised me on more than one occasion that certain things are simply not worth the fight or the legal fees associated with it and she absolutely has my full trust.
I highly recommend MacLean law and if ever faced with family law issues in the future will eagerly contact her once again.”

Here is what a very satisfied client C.S said in a Google review about Jaye:

The aid provided by Jaye Rutledge was invaluable to me as the resolution provided by the judge represented everything I had sought. Jaye consistently bridged the gap in my legal understanding while she refined my case to present it to the court in the strongest way possible. I did consult around and am very glad I decided to go with Jaye, the local Fort St. John lawyer for MacLean.

Thank you again Jaye and I wish the best for you and any prospective client that may read this. I am also open to be contacted by anyone that may have any questions about this review or my experience with Jaye Rutledge and MacLean Family law.

Fort St John Family Lawyers
Ana Sadovska, Fort St John, Prince George family lawyer

Jaye Rutledge, of our team of Fort St John Family Lawyers, articled with us, and we are delighted she has joined us as a Fort St John and Dawson Creek family law lawyer. Here is what Jaye says of her experience:

A significant motivator for me to article at MacLean Law’s Fort St. John office was to return to my family and home town. I have lived in Fort St. John from grade two until age 21 and am happy to return following the completion of my post-secondary education. Most of my family lives in the Peace River area and I look forward to getting to know the town again. I don’t know many lawyers that pass by both their former elementary and high school on their way to work but I am hopeful I will be able to count myself among those who do. MacLean Law has the benefit of having a local office to serve Fort St. John and surrounding areas like Dawson Creek and Prince George. Our medium to high net worth family law and estate disputes office is staffed by a lawyer, a paralegal, and a receptionist as well as myself and Anastasya. MacLean law has 6 other regional offices across BC and in Calgary and so the Fort St. John office has the benefit of being connected with senior lawyers in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, and Calgary. This mixture of local knowledge and wide reaching experience gives me confidence that we are serving clients to the highest possible standard.

During articling I’ve had experience working in nearly all aspects of family law, including marriage/prenup and separation agreements, parenting issues, child and spousal support, and property division. I have benefited from not only the firm’s knowledge of the law and its applications to client issues, but also the business of law and other non-legal aspects of the practice of family law. I am learning about how the unique circumstances of a family law claim can lead to high conflict situations and how those conflicts permeate both financial affairs and parenting issues. I am confident the work I am completing is tailored to creating effective and efficient solutions in accordance with client’s wishes and their best interests. I am delighted to be a lawyer in the thriving North Peace region.

Here is what a happy client said about Anastasiya’s efforts for her in winning her BC Court of Appeal matter:

Anastasiya Sadovska was appointed as an articled student to my case last minute and gathered case law practically overnight. I was more than pleased with the quality of work she produced, which ultimately assisted in the success of my case.

Dawson Creek Family Lawyers Tel 250 262 5052

Jaye and Anastasiya warn that one issue our Fort St John family lawyers and Dawson Creek family lawyers find there is a ton of confusion on in the Fort St John and Dawson Creek area is spousal support. Don’t sell yourself short meet with us to ensure proper child and spousal support is paid. Too many spouses waive spousal support only to suffer hardship after separation.

MacLean Law’s Fort St John Lawyers currently accept medium to high net worth divorce, separation and estate dispute clients in Fort St. John and the surrounding area. We will gladly assist you with divorce, prenuptial and separation agreements, family property division, child and spousal support, and enforcement of parenting time as well as disputed estate litigation issues and unfair will variations.

*Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019 and 2020), Lorne MacLean QC named as Top 25 Canadian Lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, “leading Canadian lawyers’ Doyle’s Guide. Read more about our awards.