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Drawing on the depth and breadth of our expertise, we’ll help you distill the complicated so you can break through to strategic and positive family solutions.

Iranian Farsi Speaking Family Lawyer

Vancouver Iranian and Persian family lawyer and Farsi speaking Vancouver family attorney, Rana Yavari, looks forward to assisting top rated* Lorne MacLean, Q.C. in serving the Iranian, Persian and Farsi speaking community in Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. Call Rana Yavari directly at Tel 604 697 2802 if you are Iranian and want to speak […]

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Avoid Family Law Facebook Mistakes

Our experienced Avoid Family Law Facebook Mistakes lawyers warn spouses, misguided friends and extended family members from foolishly using social media during divorce separation proceedings. Is your Ex-Partner posting negative comments regarding your family law matter on Facebook? Want to know if you can stop your ex-partner from posting negatively about you on Facebook? In […]

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Vancouver Family Debt Division Lawyers

Vancouver Family Debt Division Lawyers help separating spouse’s in BC fairly divide and allocate responsibility for Vancouver BC family debt. Many debts are family debts but not all debt is family debt. In rare cases, even family debt can be allocating unequally between the two separated spouses. Sometimes, one spouse may call a loan to […]

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Vancouver Losing Excluded Property Division

Vancouver Losing Excluded Property Division lawyers warn that the law in BC on the issue of what is excluded property and how you can lose your exclusion is confusing, to say the least. In early days after the Family Law Act was enacted cases went both ways on what happened when you put excluded money […]

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Vancouver Family Property Division

Vancouver Family Property Division involves the valuation and then an equal or unequal division of family property and family debt. New laws for Vancouver family property division have been in place for over 6 years now and Judges have decided how the rules for family property division and family debt division work. Today, founder Lorne […]

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BC Family Property Valuation Date Lawyers

How do we divide BC Family property after separation? BC Family Property Valuation Date Lawyers deal with division and valuation of BC family property, exempt property and the gain on exempt property. BC Family Property Valuation Date Lawyers explain that the date of separation is the event that entitles a spouse to their share in family […]

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BC Family Property Valuations

BC Family Property Valuations lawyers help separated spouses value their family property. When dealing with medium and high-income family law cases one important determination that needs to be made, is the valuation of any businesses, personal property and real property held by the parties including: real estate, family businesses, professional practices, stock broker’s books of […]

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Top 5 Reasons For Divorce

Top 5 Reasons For Divorce. At MacLean Law we know a substantial percentage of marriages end up in divorce. So what are the: Top 5 Reasons For Divorce? In today’s blog, Peter Graburn senior Calgary family lawyer takes you through the most common reasons for married couples separating. To understand our approach in resolving matters so […]

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Best* Vancouver Family Lawyers

Who are the Best* Vancouver Family Lawyers? Ways to determine who the Vancouver family lawyers really are can include: meeting with them in person to see if they empathize with you but seeing that it makes sense if they are not afraid to give you objective helpful strategies, seeing if they have won awards as […]

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