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Vancouver Separation Agreement Lawyers

Our top rated Vancouver separation agreement lawyers routinely negotiate and mediate Vancouver separation agreement cases. We will negotiate a fair separation agreement only after obtaining full disclosure in any case involving a Vancouver separation agreement and explain to our clients how fairly negotiated agreements need to be followed to avoid any nasty surprises. Top three […]

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Best* Vancouver Separation Agreement Lawyers

Best* Vancouver Separation Agreement Lawyers such as Lorne N. MacLean, QC  at MacLean Law protect and ensure that Vancouver separation agreements are aggressively and fairly negotiated so their medium to high net worth family law clients are winners. In a recent case upholding a separation agreement Lorne N. Maclean QC’s sage advice paid off  big […]

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Surrey Separation Agreement Lawyers

Our Surrey separation agreement lawyers are pleased that our new BC Family Law Act encourages out of court settlements. The BC Family Law Act also emphasizes that separation agreements are a viable, independent and binding option for resolving family law disputes involving child parenting, support and property division and valuation disputes. Out of court settlements […]

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