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Spousal Support SSAG Factors

What are the Spousal Support SSAG Factors that courts and top Vancouver and Calgary family lawyers use to decide proper spousal support amounts? How long Vancouver spousal support or spousal alimony is paid is also affected by the SSAG. MacLean Law has set records for the highest combined spousal and child support awards. Our firm […]

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Vancouver Surrey Child Mobility Lawyers

Vancouver Surrey Child Mobility Lawyers know Vancouver and Surrey child mobility, move away and relocation cases are difficult for the parties, their child and the Courts. Our skilled and highly rated* Vancouver Surrey Child Mobility Lawyers appreciate a recent decision of JBDK v TAB that provides an excellent summary of the current law on initial […]

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Vancouver Gift and Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

Our Vancouver family gift dispute and estate litigation lawyers expect a significant increase in litigation dealing with fights over whether money or property was gifted or only lent to family members because of the new BC Family law Act. Additionally, even where a gift has been made, there can be arguments over whether the gift […]

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