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Vancouver Unfair Wills Variation Lawyer

Consult a Vancouver Unfair Wills Variation Lawyer if you are concerned that your spouse or parent made inadequate provision for you as a spouse or as a child in their BC Will. Time limits apply so take immediate action to prevent having your claim dismissed as time limit barred. Different approaches and rules apply to claims […]

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Vancouver Spouse Unfair Will Variation Lawyers

MacLean Law’s senior Vancouver Spouse Unfair Will Variation Lawyers were very pleased to see a recent BC Will variation case thoroughly analyze and apply the potential entitlement under the BC Family Law Act when deciding what a spouse in a 34 year marriage should get when she was left out of a Will by her […]

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Vancouver Will Dispute Lawyer

A good Vancouver Will Dispute Lawyer helps ensure that a Will maker has the ability to properly instruct a lawyer on how they wish their estate to be divided upon their death. To be able to prepare a valid Will the testator (person making the Will): Must understand they are making a Will and the […]

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Vancouver Surrey Unfair Wills Lawyers

Vancouver Surrey Unfair Wills Lawyers help people obtain justice. Our skilled Vancouver Surrey Unfair Wills Lawyers know losing a loved one is bad enough but being left out of the estate just compounds stress and hurt. Our experienced Vancouver Surrey Unfair Wills Lawyers handle medium to high net worth Vancouver, Surrey and BC estate litigation disputes where claims […]

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Vancouver Wills Variation Lawyers

Vancouver Wills Variation Lawyers help Vancouver clients who have not received their fair share from the deceased’s Will maker recover a fair and just award. MacLean Law, founded by Lorne N. MacLean,QC, is a multiple award winner of best family law firm in Vancouver from prestigious Top Choice Awards. Our experienced Vancouver Wills Variation Lawyers […]

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Vancouver Defective Will Lawyers 604-602-9000

Vancouver defective will lawyers at top rated* MacLean Estate Litigation advise you not to overlook any document left by the deceased that expresses his/her testamentary intentions even though it is not witnessed or even signed. Vancouver defective will lawyers know that new rules, under section 58 of the new Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA […]

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Vancouver Unfair Will Lawyers

The MacLean Estate Litigation team of Vancouver unfair Will lawyers assists clients across British Columbia in making claims against an estate when inadequate provision for a spouse or children of a deceased Will maker is alleged. Contact our Vancouver unfair Will lawyers toll free at 1-877-602-9900 to meet with us at any of our 4 […]

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Mental Capacity Will Disputes

Our Vancouver Wills Dispute Lawyers handle unfair wills and wills variation disputes, testamentary capacity issues, constructive trust claims, proprietary estoppel claims and undue influence claims. The recent case of Bull Estate v Bull dealt with the test for testamentary capacity and reviewed the law of “suspicious circumstances” in a case between the executors and a disappointed beneficiary. […]

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BC WESA Spouse in Marriage Like Relationship

What’s The Test For A Claim By A BC WESA Spouse in Marriage Like Relationship To Get A Share Of The Estate? Important issues arise for many of our client’s under British Columbia’s Wills, Estates and Succession Act, commonly referred to simply as WESA. We strongly recommend discussing any estate issues you may have with our […]

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