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Vancouver Spouse Unfair Wills Variation

Vancouver Spouse Unfair Wills Variation lawyers help spouses and children who have suffered the loss of a loved one to ensure they don’t lose their fair share of the estate too. Our top-rated* Vancouver Disinheritance Unfair Wills Variation lawyers get involved to protect family members when a Will does not make adequate, just and equitable […]

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Vancouver Unfair Wills Variation Lawyer

Consult a Vancouver Unfair Wills Variation Lawyer if you are concerned that your spouse or parent made inadequate provision for you as a spouse or as a child in their BC Will. Time limits apply so take immediate action to prevent having your claim dismissed as time limit barred. Different approaches and rules apply to […]

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BC Disinherited Will Lawyers

Must a parent equally divide their estate between all of their children in their Will? MacLean Law’s BC Disinherited Will Lawyers explain the answer may be no if the person making the Will has valid and rational reasons to do so. However, the more the Will departs from an equal sharing of an estate between […]

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