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Our Successful Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips help you gain entry and residence in BC.

In the last Vancouver immigration lawyers blog, we talked about a few critical points to keep in mind when preparing your immigration application. In today’s blog, Helen Han of MacLean Law Vancouver immigration lawyers continues to provide some further winning immigration strategies as well as sharing real-life cases and successful Vancouver immigration lawyer tips.

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Update IRCC of any changes to your status, and make sure the information provided is consistent with everything else!

You must ensure that the information is consistent throughout your application and nothing contradicts one another.  In the meantime, you should update IRCC of any changes to your status, that includes marital status, immigration/visa status, and when your family welcomed a newborn baby. The main Canada immigration site can be found here.

Scenario: Applicant registered his Express Entry profile and received an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence. He prepared the documents and submitted them online to the IRCC. At the time he applied, the applicant had a girlfriend whom he lived together with for less than a year, so the applicant indicated “single” as his marital status in the application. During the processing of his PR application, the applicant needed to apply to extend his work permit. At the time of his work permit submission, the applicant has been living with his girlfriend for over a year, so he indicated “common-law” as his marital status in the work permit submission. Since his marital status is not consistent between his work permit application and PR application, IRCC refused both applications.

The applicant made two mistakes: first, the applicant should have updated IRCC of any marital status changes when his PR application is being processed; second, the applicant misunderstood the definition of “common-law partner”. As defined in IRCC policies, co-habiting together continuously for 1 year is not by itself sufficient to satisfy the requirement of becoming common-law partners. There are other requirements that needed to be met by the couple to be classified as common-law partners. The applicant paid his price by not understanding the immigration laws and policies, by receiving refusals on his applications.

Successful Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips 1 877 602 9900

Get professional help under unfortunate situations.

Immigration officers in Canada generally make well-informed decisions on immigration applications. However, unjustified refusals do happen, especially when applicants do have a strong case, but simply did not know enough to present their case properly. In such circumstances, specifically after receiving a refusal, finding professional assistance from qualified immigration lawyers or consultants can go great lengths in overturning the application result.

Scenario: Applicant A is an articling student working as an accountant in a prominent national accounting firm.  She prepared and submitted her PR application by herself. The officer determined that she was an articling student and therefore could not be classified under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) 1111 code as an Accountant.  Instead, the officer concluded that applicant A should be classified as a Bookkeeper (NOC 1311). The application was refused.

In this scenario, applicant A’s co-worker, applicant B had the exact same situation as applicant A, with the same job titles and duties.  Applicant B was also an articling student.  She filed the PR application using the same choice of NOC code for her work experience as an accountant and received PR approval. Different officers may render different decisions even when situations are generally the same. The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) website stated under NOC 1111 that “Articling students in accounting firms are included in this unit group.” Therefore, the officer who was assessing applicant A’s application had made an incorrect determination on that application. In situations like these, you will need a professional immigration lawyer to help you present a strong argument to the officer and request for the application to be re-opened. When the grounds are justified, you may get approved directly instead of having to submit a full application again.

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In a nutshell, accurate evaluation and complete preparation of your immigration application are key factors for your immigration process to be successful. Find a professional team to plan your immigration pathway is an essential way to lead success. Even if you encounter some difficulties halfway, we may still have time to correct the course for you. Don’t wait until the last minute to get help as you may lose the chance to immigrate by doing so.

MacLean Law is an award-winning law firm with head office in downtown Vancouver and regional offices across Western Canada in Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna, Fort St. John and Calgary. Use our Succesful Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips to help gain entry and residence to Canada.

We are a proud employer of a multicultural office environment where our talented professionals have cultural roots all over the world, including but not limited to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, England, and Iran.

If you have any immigration-related inquiries or questions on our Succesful Vancouver Immigration Lawyer Tips please contact the immigration team at MacLean Law for professional advice.