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Short Marriages and Unequal Division

Join us in congratulating Gurdeep Khosa as she joins the Canadian Bar Association Family Law (Vancouver) Executive Committee. The CBA Family Law Section works on behalf of both Canadian families and family law lawyers. As an executive committee member, Gurdeep will help to address issues in family law and promote the fair, effective and efficient resolution of family matters.

Gurdeep brings a wealth of practical experience in family law to the committee. She has appeared in both the B.C. Supreme Court and in the B.C. Provincial Court and has dealt with a variety of complex family matters including surrogacy agreements, separation agreements, property division, parenting time, spousal and child support. As an active member of her local community, she is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), South Asian Bar Association (SABABC) and the Vancouver Bar Association (VBA).

We recognize that when you choose MacLean Law to help you resolve your family matters, you’re trusting us. We take that seriously.

Our mission is to help you triumph over complex family circumstances so you can move forward to better times. We’re passionate about creating empowering solutions that will allow you to move past your obstacles to a full, rich future. It’s vital to us that you not only resolve, but transcend your family challenges.

Read more about Gurdeep or contact us for a request a family law consult.