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Best Vancouver New Year Separation Tips

Best Vancouver New Year Separation Tips are timely during this holiday season. Post-Christmas divorces skyrocket starting in the first week of each January say top-rated* BC, Calgary, and Toronto family law and divorce lawyers. So, do the Christmas Holidays delay or accelerate Vancouver divorces and Vancouver separations?  January IS CALLED DIVORCE MONTH. Our high net worth Vancouver and Calgary family lawyers notice phone calls and email requests for initial divorce and separation consultations pour in after Boxing Day.  Sometimes the calls are even made during the Christmas festivities that have gone sideways! If you need immediate help fill out our contact form now.

Best Vancouver New Year Separation Tips
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Counsellors and lawyers know that the holiday stress coupled with the annual “New Year fresh start” mentality results in ‘divorce day’ which is often the first Monday back to work after the Christmas break. In today’s blog by Lorne N. Maclean, QC we provide some tips on how to calmly assess your marital relationship and how to prepare for a fresh start with these Best Vancouver New Year Separation Tips.

So what is the reason divorces and separations spike each New Year?

While a new year often means a fresh start, this means different things for different people. For some spouses they focus on plans for being a more involved and loving couple.  For some families, the couple gets much-needed counselling and creates a new healthier and more sustainable marital bond. But for other spouses, a new year is the time they plan on getting out of a toxic or violent relationship for their own good and that of their children. For all three of these types of  couples, the future will likely be better for them and their children. The stakes can be even higher for business owners and professionals and their spouses.

Toronto New Year Separation Tips 1 877 602 9900

We are often told about the reasons for a prompt post-Christmas separation:

  • frequent arguments with one’s spouse, over money, use of alcohol, affairs and differing parenting styles,
  • not being able to bear the thought of spending another Christmas with the in-laws,
  • holidays that went no better than past years despite high hopes things would get better,
  • a final and overwhelming feeling that it’s best just to get it over with, and
  • getting a fresh start after the New Year means ending a bad relationship sooner rather than later.

Calgary New Year Separation Tips 1 877 602 9900

On the other hand, many spouses feel divorcing or separating just before, during, or immediately after the Christmas holidays isn’t the best time and they may wait because:

  • holiday plans are already too busy and stressful to add more stress,
  • the added expense of holiday shopping puts legal expenses out of reach,
  • avoiding the association of the holidays with a painful divorce, and
  • most frequently not upsetting the children at a time of joy for them.

Our Vancouver and Calgary family lawyers realize, that procrastination and doubt means a separating spouse may delay months to organize their finances and prepare their families before officially filing.

Many experts feel the primary problem that couples have over the holidays is that spouses do not feel supported.  Spouses complain to us that they don’t feel that their partner supports them at the stressful holiday time and issues with in-laws and extended families can add extra stress to the relationship.  We understand that you have many good reasons to wait until the New Year to communicate to your spouse that you want to divorce or separate. While you are waiting you can get organized so that your divorce and separation is set up for a good outcome. Our Best Vancouver New Year Separation Tips can help you move forward efficiently.

Lorne MacLean, QC, the founder of MacLean Law’s top-rated* family lawyers provides some great free Vancouver New Year Separation Tips in the video below.

Vancouver New Year Separation Tips 

Vancouver New Year Divorce Tips 

Obviously, BC committed relationships don’t suddenly go wrong each January but the idea of  another new set of New Year’s resolutions provides the fresh opportunity to reflect on marital relationship issues that have been fermenting for some time.

Lorne MacLean QC  believes, Christmas in itself does not cause divorce, and may often delay it for a few months. First, MacLean suggests couples be more conscious of the added stress that comes with preparing for the holiday season and be sensitive to each other when making plans over the Christmas holidays.  Second, MacLean warns couples to be more careful with their consumption of alcohol if they want to help protect against existing problems in the relationship escalating. Finally, couples should also be open and empathetic about their relationship with each other and their in-laws.

If you are having relationship challenges get some expert counselling advice and ensure you are safe at all times from family violence. In the event you or your children are unsafe or your relationship counselling does not work pick up the phone and meet with us.

When you are ready to separate we hope you use these Vancouver New Year Separation Tips to help you start over. 

*Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019), Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, Top Canadian Lawyers, Doyle’s Guide. Read more about our awards.