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Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers

Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers know that raising the issue of a Vancouver BC prenup or cohabitation agreement can be a touchy situation. Our highly rated prenuptial and marriage agreement lawyers handle medium to high net worth wealth protection and planning agreements on a daily basis.

Tal Wolf wrote today’s article that may well be the most critical article you read in your life! Contact him early on to avoid last minute drama for a tailored prenup, marriage or cohabitation agreement.

Here is a great Forbes article that gives some general ideas of issues and solutions prenups can help resolve. Because every marriage or marriage like a relationship is different it makes sense to hire seasoned Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers. Contact us well in advance of the wedding or the 2 year period that establishes property and support rights in marriage like relationships.

Hire Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers Well Before The Wedding 1 877 602 9900.

Our Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers know that most people will get married at least once in their lifetime and with the best of intentions. However, it can pay to be smart before tying the knot. The sad reality of things is that half of all marriages will end in divorce. And just because more people live  together in committed relationships without marriage means they need agreements to which are called cohabitation agreements.

Call MacLean Family Law’s Vancouver Office 1 877 602 9900  to protect yourself, and your family if you end up on the wrong end of that very real statistic.

Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement LawyersRS
Tal Wolf, experienced Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyer

Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers 1 877 602 9900.

We can help make sure that all assets you owned prior to the marriage, and the income and growth on those assets, remain yours and are not divided in the event of a divorce.  We can limit the amount and duration of any future spousal support award in the event of a divorce.  As importantly, we can help make sure the agreement is structured in such a way that it a future court will deem it to be operationally fair based on the circumstances existing at the time of the divorce – a giant pitfall for inexperienced lawyers that often can come back to bite when it’s time to actually put the marriage agreement to the test.  Getting married a second time?  We can also help to ensure that your children from the previous marriage receive certain assets (and not your new spouse) in the event of a divorce or your death.

Vancouver BC Marriage Agreement Lawyers – Cohabitation Agreements 1 877 602 9900.

Remember, the cohabitation agreement, marriage agreement or prenuptual agreement is like a new roof on your house.  It may look good and shiny when it’s first built, but the true value is whether it will withstand the test of time, and the many storms that will seek to punch through it in the form of your spouse’s lawyer challenging the contract’s enforceability, or suing to have it set aside (voided) when the relationship breaks down.  Many lawyers can draft marriage agreements, BUT FEW LAWYERS DRAFT THEM PROPERLY SO THAT THE ROOF WON’T LEAK YEARS LATER UNDER THE HEAVIEST DOWNPOUR.

Also, many couples consider the creation of marriage agreements as a “doom and gloom” response to an otherwise joyful time.  We don’t see it that way at all.  The Prenuptual Agreement Lawyers at MacLean Family Law 1 877 602 9900  will show you that, far from being ominous, a prenuptial agreement can protect both spouses while providing the foundation for a strong marriage which is, like it or not, also a financial partnership.

Common BC Prenup Agreement Misconceptions 1 877 602 9900.

Let’s debunk some common myths:

1) Prenuptial agreements are only for wealthy couples

Any couple can benefit from a prenuptial agreement, regardless of their income level. One of the great benefits of a prenuptial agreement is that it proactively resolves potential future financial disputes, saving couples of all incomes time and money.

2) Prenuptial agreements only protect the spouse with the most assets

Prenuptial agreements protect both spouses and their assets. Agreements that are too one-sided are often thrown out in court. For the spouse with the lesser financial status, a prenup can provide peace of mind and certainty about their financial entitlements as the marriage begins, and save money later in the event of divorce.

3) Prenuptial agreements are expensive

In most cases, prenuptial agreements are relatively straightforward and affordable. When compared to the potential cost of litigation that could result if a prenuptial agreement isn’t created, the relatively low cost of a prenuptial agreement can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

4) Prenuptial agreements are only relevant in the event of divorce

Many couples think that prenuptial agreements are created only for a safeguard in the event of a divorce. But prenuptial agreements achieve many other objectives, such as outlining financial expectations and ownership, helping parties to establish reliable estate plans, and providing financial/emotional stability for the parties so they can focus on making their marriage last!

5) Prenuptial agreements are a sign of a weak relationship

Completing a prenuptial agreement requires the ability to discuss financial matters and reach compromises: both skills that are a sign of a strong future marriage. Creating a prenup can strengthen your relationship and prepare you for future financial discussions later down the road.

6) Prenuptial agreements are rarely enforced in court

Although there are times when prenuptial agreements are not enforced in court, the majority of them are, IF DRAFTED PROPERLY and with attention to all of the issues potentially arising from the breakdown of a marriage, and the parties respective financial entitlements and obligations under the law.

Call Our Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers 1 877 602 9900.

The Marriage Agreement Lawyers at MacLean Law 1 877 602 9900 stand ready to advise whether a prenup would be a good fit for your particular situation, and to help you fashion a solid contract that will help enhance the strength of your relationship, and provide a foundation for many years of marriage to come.

Our prenup and cohabitation agreement lawyers act across BC, in Calgary Alberta and in Toronto, Ontario.

Vancouver BC Prenup Agreement Lawyers
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