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Avoid These Excluded Property Mistakes

How do you hire the Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers? Word of mouth from satisfied clients and even opposing parties who wished they hired us first, a history of awards for excellence in medium to high net worth separations both on financial and child parenting issues, and record wins in cases just like yours, are the three best ways to increase the chances of success in settling or obtaining a successful court judgment. MacLean Law excels in each of these criteria as a 2023 Award of Excellence Canadian Family law Firm of the Year finalist, as Top 25 Influential lawyers in Canada, Best BIV 500 Influential Business Leaders for complex and high net worth divorces, winners of Top Choice Best Vancouver Family law Firm for the past 9 years, Top 3 Family Lawyers in Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond for the past several years, Best Family Law firm for multiple years by Consumer Choice, and more.

We have a West Vancouver family lawyers office or you can meet us at our downtown Vancouver Headquarters.

The Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers help separated medium to high net worth West Vancouver family law spouses successfully resolve their family law disagreements related to:

MacLean Law also acts for parents in high net worth family property disputes where parents have put up millions or made investments for their child and the other spouse makes a claim to it. In the recent Supreme Court of Canada case we acted for the father-in-law resisting a $50 million dollar claim made by his son in law. Our client was delighted when his son-in-law’s entire claim was dismissed.

Top 3 West Vancouver Family Law Mistakes

  1. Foolishly relying on computer programs to calculate support when your income is above $150,000 for child support and over $350,000 for spousal support. We see so many costly errors caused by people using inaccurate online calculators. Worse still when someone is self employed looking only at their personal tax return leads to disaster. Finally, not correcting child and spousal support promptly leads to hardship for spouses and children.
  2. Being a “doormat” for reasons of guilt, or just wanting it over, when this can cost you millions of lost spousal support, overpayments or underpayments of family property and worse still child support. Don’t sign any agreements before or after your relationship without high level family legal advice and full and proper disclosure.
  3. Failing to hire a top family lawyer early on to protect you, preferably one who has handled cases just like yours and who has a track record of successfully settling them or winning in court for clients just like you. International family disputes involving overseas assets and children as well as family business and professional practice cases really need a specialist. We see cases where millions were lost by someone failing to be smart at the start of their case.

West Vancouver Family Lawyers

Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers 604 602 9000

The best West Vancouver family lawyers obtain proper disclosure on worldwide income and local and international family property to enable them to settle or litigate the family law dispute. In high stakes, West Vancouver high net worth cases there is no margin for error and an assertive lawyer who is prepared to leave no stone unturned is what you look for when hiring the Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers.

We recommend hiring a lawyer who has decades of experience in high net worth West Vancouver family law cases who is backed by a dedicated team of associates and support professionals. Lorne MacLean, KC has been named one of Canada’s top 25 lawyers by Canadian Lawyer Magazine in 2020. This honour adds to his lengthy list of accolades.

Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers
Lorne MacLean QC wins top 25 most influential lawyers


Check with previous clients of any lawyer you think is one of the Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers. See what their ability to obtain generous and fair financial and child parenting time record is. See if they are designated a King’s Counsel like Lorne N. MacLean, KC.

Finally, check out the lawyer’s record for record-setting and precedent-setting wins at all court levels including the Supreme court of Canada. MacLean won Canada’s most famous child custody case of Young v. Young where he obtained sole custody, 100 percent reapportionment of the family home, special costs, and also acted for the husband in the infamous Leskun v Leskun spousal support case where his client paid spousal support of only $2,250 on an income of close to $300,000.

MacLean Law has Western Canada’s largest Mandarin and Cantonese fluent family law teams and we handle international family law cases involving worldwide assets and income in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Rana Yavari, our assertive West Vancouver Persian and Farsi fluent family lawyer works with Lorne MacLean KC on high net worth Iranian and Persian family law matters.

West Vancouver Family Property and Debt Division 604 602 9000

Lorne MacLean, KC dramatically increased child support and tripled the monthly spousal support and removed a time limit on spousal support set by the trial judge. In this West Vancouver family property and debt division appeal, MacLean also set new law for BC and Canada at the Appeal Court and Supreme Court of Canada (leave denied) in establishing that lucrative stock broker’s client lists and books of business are family property. In Lightle v Kotar 2014 BCCA 69 BC’s highest Court held:

In this divorce proceeding, it was determined that a husband’s book of business was not a family asset available for division. A contingent liability arising from the respondent’s business as an investment advisor was, however, considered to be a family debt and attributed in part to the wife. Spousal and child support were awarded to the wife in amounts of $1,100 and $2,500 per month, respectively. On appeal the wife argued the husband’s book of business ought to be considered a family asset available for division, in the alternative, that she should not be held liable for his business debt, and that spousal and child support were incorrectly calculated.

Held: appeal allowed (Saunders J.A. dissenting). The trial judge erred in not considering the respondent’s book of business to be a family asset available for division; the family assets, including the business and the related contingent liability are to be divided equally. Further, the trial judge erred in determining the appellant’s income, and thus erred in determining the appropriate amounts of child support and spousal support. The awards for spousal and child support are to be increased to $3,095 and $2,734, respectively.

Highest BC Interim Child and Spousal Support Award

Lorne N MacLean, QC set a record for interim child and spousal support of roughly $90,000 a month in D v D and obtained a rare international worldwide MAREVA Injunction and an equally lifetime protection order in an ultra-high net worth international divorce.

Record BC Spousal and Child Support Award -Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers 1 877 602 9900

Lorne N. MacLean. QC followed up the record interim support win for his client with yet another record for permanent child and spousal support of $116,000 a month in D v. D. The West Vancouver family property and debt division award, in this case, roughly $20 million and hidden income and assets and the husband’s lies during the case were exposed and a record special costs award of $1,5 million also awarded to MacLean’s client.

We hope these tips have helped you hire the Best West Vancouver Family Lawyers. If you need a team with the skill set, experience, and intellectual horsepower to help you successfully resolve your West Vancouver family law matter, call us today at 1 877 602 9900

Family Lawyers West Vancouver help high net worth family law clients protect their personal, family, business and professional reputations with discretion while also protecting their children, their finances, and their future. Most of the high net worth West Vancouver family law cases we handle settle but having a reputation for court success in the highest stake cases really helps us get favourable settlements.

Family Lawyers West Vancouver  604 602 9000

Lorne MacLean, KC and Fraser MacLean work together with their teams to handle complex high net worth disputes including choice of law and jurisdictional disputes. Our team of lawyers includes Mandarin fluent lawyers and professional support staff. Our West Vancouver family lawyers have won some of the largest BC financial dispute cases such as setting a record high for interim spousal and child support, record high support awards for permanent support, records for special costs and records for fines for non-compliance in family law cases. We won a precedent setting international separation case involving ultra high net worth spouses. We handle international family disputes, and obtained a rare Mareva Injunction over worldwide assets in a multi million dollar divorce. We also represent parents of separating spouse’s when parents own or have advanced monies to their child and who owns property then becomes disputed. In a recent win for the parents that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada a son-in-law claiming $50 million from our client received zero.

Fraser MacLean is a rising litigation star with a number of court successes who heads his own team of lawyers.

MacLean wins BIV BC 500 leading family lawyers for high net worth BC family lawyers

Here What High Net Worth Clients Say About Lorne MacLean, KC 604 602 9000

Thank you MacLean Law team for helping me get through a difficult time in my life. Separation from a long term spouse is both difficult and emotionally challenging. “Moving Forward” is a very accurate statement for this very talented and coordinated team. The team represented my interests with integrity and expediently executed the necessary processes to help get closure and a fair settlement for me. I would very highly recommend the MacLean Law group to anyone struggling through a similar or any difficult family matter that requires a non-judgemental and supportive approach.

5 Stars for sure

Hear What High Net Worth Clients Say About Fraser MacLean 604 602 9000

My name is JP owner of FTW. I hired Fraser and his Team to deal with a complex and challenging parenting time and child support conflict. From day one, right through until we gained the exact result we set out to achieve yesterday in the Provincial Court, Fraser and his team provided nothing but the best in legal advise, strategy and care for me and my daughter. They guided me through every step of the plan, worked tirelessly all hours to put us in the best position possible and the level of attention to detail and care in their work is unprecedented. I have worked with countless law firms in my business career, but never with such a conscious and committed Team as MacLean Law. Please take my word, and never consider any other Team if you need to retain expert legal advise in the Family Law field. Fraser and Team -THANK YOU AGAIN, you have changed our lives forever, for the very best for my amazing daughter. Ground breaking work, ceiling breaking Team effort in the culture you have created. You all should be very proud of yourselves.

Check out ways to find a good lawyer for your West Vancouver high net worth family case.

5 Stars

We look forward to meeting with you.