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Unequal Family Property Division

Vancouver BC ultra high net worth family lawyers know these difficult cases demand precise and discrete legal advice to ensure wealth and asset protection and a fair sharing of high net worth income and family property is maximized for both ex-spouses and their children. Our award winning Vancouver ultra high net worth family lawyers have set numerous records for highest spousal support, highest child support, highest lump sum spousal support, highest special costs, highest fines and penalties and longest jail time in a family law case against spouses who did not obey the record orders we obtained plus dozens of international high net worth family law dispute decisions.

Our firm which celebrated our 40th Anniversary this year has received numerous accolades;

  • Best Family Law Firm in Canada Awardee of Excellence 2023 Canadian Lawyer Magazine
  • Top 25 Canadian Lawyers, Lorne MacLean, KC  Canadian Lawyer Magazine
  • Business in Vancouver BIV 500 Award For Lorne MacLean KC top high net worth family lawyer
  • Top Choice Best Vancouver Family Law Firm
  • Best Three Rated family lawyers, Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond
  • Top Vancouver Family law Firm Consumer Guide

Vancouver Ultra High Net Worth Family Lawyers 604 602 9000

Our Vancouver ultra high net worth divorce lawyers also recently dismissed a multi-million dollar spousal support claim for our delighted high net worth client who also received hundreds of thousands in child support from his ex- wife. When acting for parents of one spouse we recently dismissed a $50,000,000 claim for our ecstatic clients. We also handle difficult child parenting cases and international jurisdictional disputes involving choice of law and forum conveniens disputes. Our Vancouver Ultra High Net Worth Family Lawyers act both for high net worth business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs as well as for their equally hard working stay at home spouses. We have offices in Vancouver, Kelowna, Surrey, Victoria and Calgary. Contact us today.

Vancouver High Net Worth Family Lawyers

Hiring experienced high net worth family lawyers, like MacLean Law family lawyers who have set records for family property division and support and know international divorce strategies is wise when the stakes are so high. MacLean Law has been named best Vancouver family law firm for nearly a decade and this year we won the Canadian Lawyer Magazine Leap Awardee of Excellence for Best Canadian Family law Firm. Our leading Vancouver high net worth family lawyers are superb at ferreting out lies, finding missing assets and exposing fraud. Read our reported cases that show how we raided premises, exposed forgery, blew up a spouse who perjured themselves and made them pay the consequences for their misconduct.

Vancouver Ultra High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers
MacLean Law Vancouver Ultra High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

MacLean Law Holds Record For The Highest Spousal and Child Support Awards 1 877 602 9900

Lorne MacLean, KC was also recently named as a Business in Vancouver Top 500 Business Leader in the area of high net worth and complex family matters.

Vancouver High Net Worth Family Lawyers
MacLean wins BIV BC 500 leading business leaders for high net worth BC family lawyers


MacLean Law holds the record for the highest interim support at $90,000 a month and the highest permanent support awards $ 116,000 a month, while obtaining one of the highest international divorce multimillion-dollar family property settlements of over $20 million and special costs of $1,5 million.

MacLean Law has one of the largest international family law departments and the largest Mandarin and Cantonese fluent family law teams in Canada. Recent wins by the team include Wang v Jiang where millions of hidden and missing cash were exposed and Xu v Hu where a son-in law’s claim for millions was successfully defended against.

Our lawyers are skilled in dealing with international family law disputes including those involving tens of millions of dollars. See Jian Kang’s recent win in a $50 million family property case involving assets here and in China.

Our family lawyers published papers on high net worth family property cases and how a huge family property award does not bar a significant spousal and child support award in many cases. Lorne MacLean, QC has chaired high net worth and Grey Divorce seminars love the past several years.

Privacy is also crucial both for one’s personal reputation and for maintaining healthy financial relationships with banks, partners, and investors. Lorne MacLean, QC heads our BC ultra-high net worth divorce department. Protecting your children from any collateral damage is also a prime directive for our lawyers. Lorne MacLean, QC successfully representing Ms. Young in Canada’s leading child custody “maximum contact” case, where he obtained 100% of the family home, generous support, and special costs against the husband.

Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Divorce  1 877 602 9900

The number of  Vancouver BC ultra-high net worth individuals is increasing at a rate faster than in the United States. Supercars roam Vancouver Streets and high-end boutiques are booming. Although land values have moderated somewhat recently, the presence of multimillionaires in Vancouver is undeniable.  MacLean Law has one of Western Canada’s largest and most experienced, award-winning, family law teams. MacLean Law took the initiative to serve our Vancouver BC ultra-high net worth Mandarin and Cantonese speaking clientele better by creating the largest Mandarin-speaking family law team in Western Canada.

Vancouver Ultra High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers
Lorne N MacLean, QC high net worth Vancouver BC family property and debt lawyer


As an example of our wealth and asset protection skill set we quote from a recent multi-millionaire client with international holdings of his view of Lorne MacLean, QC:

Lorne has done an outstanding job with his work on my case which was extremely complex. He is accurate and quick, always up to date, his tenacity makes me wish never to have him as an opponent, and at the same time extremely fair looking at both sides of the picture. At the same time he has a great sense of humor. When things have to happen quickly AND well this is your man! He even hand delivered documents in person to my home on several occasions! No doubt top in his field and I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Separation 1 877 602 9900

Ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) are defined as having a net worth of at least $30 million accounting for shares in public and private companies, residential, stock accounts, hedge fund interests, and passion investments such as art, planes, and real estate.

Special rules apply to these Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Divorce individuals depending on when they acquired their assets, how they acquired them, and how these assets are owned by them. BC ultra-high net worth divorce cases include the following issues:

1. For child support: the $150,000 income threshold rules may come into play which allow for a departure from a strict application of the guidelines. Here is a winning quote for one of our high net worth child support wins.

[112]     In my view, a strict application of the Guidelines in relation to the Respondent’s income, as determined above, would not be inappropriate despite the income amounts being in excess of $150,000: see Guidelines, s. 4.

[113]     In Hollenbach v. Hollenbach2000 BCCA 620 (CanLII), the Court stated that the Guidelines amount will presumptively apply, unless the payor spouse provides “clear and compelling” evidence as to inappropriateness: paras. 36.

2. For spousal support: the $350,000 cap rule may come into play which allow for a departure from a strict application of the guidelines. Here is an extract from one of our leading high net worth spousal support cases:

[114]     The comments of Master Caldwell in Williams v. Williams, 2015 BCSC 112 (CanLII) are apposite:

[20]         … I am satisfied from [Hathaway v. Hathaway, 2014 BCCA 310 (CanLII)] that, while there may be consideration of a $350,000 ceiling, the court need not depart from the Child Support Guidelines or the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. In that regard I am respectfully of the view that where the parties have the type and length of relationship as is present in this case the interim support relief should seek to provide a realistic sharing of the available income or cash flow so that they may move forward in their dealings and the litigation on a somewhat equal footing. Failure to provide such equitable sharing unfairly slants the overall playing field and places one party at a distinct disadvantage in terms of their ability to pursue an appropriate outcome; on the other hand, if the interim order turns out, in the fullness of time and evidence at trial, to have been inappropriate, there are ample assets and sources of income which may serve to remedy that temporary situation and put matters right.

3. For property: making an inventory of excluded property brought into the relationship or received by gifts or inheritances and in valuation and division disputes calculating the proper starting values and ending values as well as the gains in value of each asset. Read MacLean’s valuation blog here.

4. How the property is registered is critical. Placing wealth in joint names, or in the other spouse’s name for creditor protection or estate planning, can be a fatal error.

5. Ensuring you have a comprehensive estate plan in place, coupled with an executed and ironclad prenuptial agreement is crucial.

6. Tax planning in disputed relationship breakdown cases and the associated corporate and trust issues really require a seasoned lawyer who deals with these complex issues on a daily basis.

7. Retaining a savvy high net worth divorce lawyer such as Lorne MacLean QC to protect you in a Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Divorce or relationship breakup helps you avoid disaster.

For more tips read our article here.

Vancouver High-Income Family Lawyers 1 877 602 9900

If you are involved in a Vancouver BC ultra-high net worth divorce you need someone to skillfully protect your interests and Lorne MacLean, KC and his team will do just that. Pick up the phone today and call our Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Divorce lawyers at our waterfront downtown office at Suite 2900 -1021 West Hastings in Vancouver, BC at 1 877 602 9900