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Best Richmond Family Lawyers

MacLean Law has been named one of the Best Richmond Family Lawyers firms by threebestrated again this year. The firm is proud to have amongst the best Richmond family lawyers as proven by our winning record as Best Vancouver family law firm for the past 5 years in a row as voted by Top Choice Awards as well as having founder, Lorne MacLean, QC named as a leading Canadian family lawyer by Doyle’s Guide.

Winning Matters

Our lawyers have set several precedent-setting wins for record spousal support awards ($100,000 a month), record child support awards ($21,000 a month for 1 child) record property division awards (over $20 million), and special costs awards (almost $1.5 million). We helped set new laws on child custody in winning for our client in the famous Supreme Court of Canada case of Young v Young.

Jian Kang has set several precedents in high net worth cases involving international assets in Canada, China, and abroad. Fraser MacLean handles medium to high net worth cases across BC and has a number of wins in the Provincial, Supreme and Appeal Courts.

Best Richmond Family Lawyers
Fraser MacLean, Vancouver Richmond Family Lawyer

Best Richmond Family Lawyers* – Largest Mandarin and Cantonese Fluent Family Law Team 604 682 6466.

The award-winning Richmond family lawyers’ offices of MacLean Law are located at 5811 Cooney Road Suite 305 South Tower, in Richmond BC V6X 3M1 and our Phone number is 604 682 6466. Our firm is led by one of Canada’s most experienced and high profile lawyers, Lorne N MacLean, QC. We have one of BC’s largest Mandarin and Cantonese speaking family law departments and a direct Chinese language line at 604-682-6466 and our own Chinese Language Website.

Richmond family lawyers
Best Richmond Family Lawyers at MacLean Law are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese

MacLean Law is Western Canada’s largest family law firm with offices in Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Victoria, and Fort St John in BC and 2 more offices in Calgary Alberta and Winnipeg Manitoba.

Best Richmond Family Lawyers

1 877 602 9900

MacLean Law is multiple winners of Vancouver’s Best* Family Law Firm as selected by clients and collated by Top Choice Awards. Our Richmond family law office brings the convenience of a Richmond location with the skill and depth of  Vancouver’s largest downtown boutique family law firms.

Best Richmond Family Lawyers
Jian Kang, Mandarin and Cantonese fluent Vancouver BC Ultra High Net Worth Divorce lawyer

The Best Richmond family lawyers assist you with:

  • Richmond divorce and separations
  • Richmond child parenting disputes
  • Richmond child support
  • Richmond spousal support
  • Richmond family property division
  • Richmond property and personal protection orders
  • Richmond family costs disputes
  • Richmond family trust disputes

The Best* Richmond family lawyers also deal with common law marriage-like relationships and please note living together for more than 2 years triggers spousal support and property division rights identical to married couples AND if a child is born of a relationship even if it is less than 2 years in duration spousal support may be payable.

The best* Richmond family lawyers will also help you handle separation and negotiate a settlement or mediate it successfully. Note, there is now only 1 ground for triggering the right to an interest in family property now under the Family Law Act and that is the date of separation.

The skilled Richmond Family Lawyers at MacLean Law adeptly deal with child custody, guardianship, parenting time, and responsibility disagreements and help your resolve matters as children are the primary focus in a family case.

Our best Richmond family lawyers also address child support issues both basic and special and extraordinary expense and determination of what each spouse earns or can earn and searching for hidden or cash income or overseas income.

Our top-rated* Richmond family lawyers explain and obtain fair spousal support based on compensatory, non-compensatory, and contractual bases.

Vancouver Divorce Lawyers

Best Richmond family lawyers also strive to negotiate, mediate, and if necessary litigate property division, and valuation disputes. The best Richmond Family Lawyers are adept at arguing for both equal and unequal division of family property including real estate, bank accounts, investments, pensions, CPP, businesses, partnerships, professional practices and capably handling international asset claims and jurisdictional disputes.

The best Richmond Family Lawyers also argue cases involving the division of excluded (non shared property) and tracing of an excluded asset if it changed form or was replaced with a new property and remember the gain on an excluded property is shareable.

Our experienced Richmond family lawyers also deal with cases where family debts must be considered and paid off before division of family property occurs including debts such as mortgages, loans from family members, bank lines of credit or overdrafts, credit cards, income tax, and business debts.

Our Richmond family lawyers note that Chinese and high net worth Richmond frequently get unwittingly involved in parental loans or parental gift disputes relating to our high net worth Asian clients wanting to help their children have a prosperous future. Often generous parents wish to help a young couple get started in life with a family home loan or gift. Our best* Richmond Family Lawyers know that it isn’t good enough to rely on oral agreements related to advances of millions of dollars.

Richmond family lawyers who deal in this complex area know Strict rules apply to determine debts as set out by our BC Court of Appeal in the decision of Kuo v. Chu, 

[9]      The judge referred to Locke v. Locke, 2000 BCSC 1300, where the factors to be considered on the loan/gift issue in a family law context are discussed (at para. 20):

  1. whether any contemporaneous documents were evidencing a loan;
  2. whether the manner for repayment is specified;
  3. whether there is security held for the loan;
  4. whether there are advances to one child and not others, or advances of unequal amounts to various children;
  5. whether there has been any demand for payment before the separation of the parties;
  6. whether there has been any partial repayment; and
  7. whether there was any expectation, or likelihood, of repayment.

Contact our Richmond family and divorce lawyers today to protect your rights and those of your children.

*(Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), top-rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated, and Doyle’s Law Guide.