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Kelowna Penticton high net worth family lawyer

Lorne MacLean, QC is the founder of MacLean Family Law’s Kelowna Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyer team. Senior Kelowna lawyer and managing Kelowna office family lawyer and mediator Audra Bayer continues in high demand to help high net worth clients resolve their family cases. MacLean Law is one of the largest family firms in Western Canada and brings decades of experience and strategic thinking to help you resolve your family matters. Discretely resolving high net worth divorces and separations and protecting your family reputation and children takes a deft legal hand.

Lorne MacLean, QC handles select Kelowna and Penticton high-income support and Kelowna and Penticton high net worth family property cases. MacLean recently set several Kelowna Penticton spousal support records of over $70,000 a month interim support followed up by a trial award of $100,000 per month (yes per month!). MacLean also set a record single child support award of $21,000 a month before trial and $16,000 a month for the adult child after trial. MacLean obtained $6 million of lump-sum support, well over $20 million of family property, and an eye-watering special costs award of $1.5 million. See the huge Kelowna Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyer win here.

His track record for success has obtained media attention across Canada and internationally.

Kelowna Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyers
Lorne MacLean, QC record-setting support and property division family lawyer

Mr. MacLean has successfully acted for Kelowna and Penticton spouses in the Supreme Court of Canada the BC Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of BC, and in the Queen’s Bench in Calgary Alberta.

In addition to founder, Lorne MacLean, QC, our Kelowna family law team is comprised of senior lawyer, Audra Bayer, and dedicated associate Karsten Erzinger. Audra Bayer is a top-rated* senior Kelowna lawyer who obtained a rare BC unequal family property division win of 75/25 for the wife. Our Kelowna team is now growing with the addition of a third lawyer and our 20 lawyer team brings the gravitas you need to protect your personal wealth and professional reputation.

MacLean’s successes for his clients include setting many record support awards and leading Canadian cases including:

  • a Supreme Court of Canada win in Young of sole child custody, 100% reapportionment of the family home and special costs for our delighted client
  • dismissal in the BC Court of Appeal from the record spousal support, child support, family property, and special costs awards totaling over $31 million
  • a Supreme Court of Canada decision in Leskun setting the law on spousal support reviews in a case where support payments of the husband were set at $2250 a month on an income of over $300,000 for our client in a long marriage where the wife was unemployed;
  • A BC Court of Appeal and SCC win on the division of a stockbroker’s book of business,
  • a BC Court of Appeal win on guideline income of an owner of Okanagan family businesses,
  • division of trust interests and
  • shared 50/50 custody awards for high profile clients including a Gold Medal Olympian.

Hiring a Kelowna Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyer early on in your Penticton or Naramata family case is crucial to your success.

Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyers

Penticton high net worth family property cases can involve income and property division of professional practices of lawyers, professional athletes, dentists, accountants, and doctors. High net worth Penticton family law cases involving business disputes also involve complex valuation and family property division issues including corporate and distributive income taxes and trust issues.

Kelowna High Net Worth Property Disputes

Lorne MacLean, QC understands that a Penticton high net worth family law case will often involve joint and other expert business valuations, stock options calculations, valuations and clawbacks of beneficial interests in trusts created by third parties or by one of the spouses themselves, estate plan share structures, self-employment guideline income calculation disputes and grey divorce issues. MacLean has lectured to lawyers and financial planners on high net worth grey divorces and his article on high property awards not barring huge support awards is a must-read for lawyers and high net worth family law clients. MacLean has chaired two high net worth and grey divorce courses for BC family lawyers and financial professionals where he detailed his strategy for maximizing results in high net worth family cases.  He has also written articles for Business in Vancouver on Grey Divorce and high net worth divorce issues.

Okanagan land values are skyrocketing for good reason given its natural beauty and Penticton and Naramata provide a healthy and active lifestyle. Penticton’s attraction to wealthy early retirees means that there has been a tremendous influx of wealth into the Penticton, Naramata region over the past few years. Hiring a top-rated* Penticton high net worth family lawyer is important when dealing with high stakes legal issues.

Hire A Lawyer As Your Kelowna Penticton High Net Worth Family Lawyer

Lawyers with specialized expertise in dealing with Penticton high net worth family law cases are often based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fortunately, MacLean Family Law provides local Penticton high net worth family lawyer expertise as our founder, Lorne MacLean QC is a frequent visitor to his home in Penticton.

If your Penticton high net worth family law income exceeds $250,000 and your high net worth family law property exceeds $1,000,000 you owe it to yourself to meet with top-rated* Penticton high net worth family lawyer Lorne N. MacLean QC in Penticton. See Chapters 12-15 of the SSAG for the types of issues high net worth grey divorce spouses face on separation.

Mr. MacLean represents selectKelowna, Penticton, and Naramata high net worth family clients focuses on the following high net worth Penticton family law issues:

  • Incomes over $150,000 in child support cases
  • Incomes over $350,000 in spousal support cases
  • High-income cases involving shared custody disputes
  • excluded property valuation
  • excluded property tracing
  • excluded property place in joint names and spousal intention cases
  • constructive and resulting trust cases involving parents of spouses
  • Grey divorce issues such as spousal support later in life and early retirement and re-partnering and spousal support duration
  • Valuation and division of professional practices, property development businesses, wineries, and waterfront properties.
  • tax-efficient division of family and company property to ensure fairness
  • division of family trusts created by a spouse and  interests of beneficiaries of discretionary trusts

Hire a skilled and tenacious Kelowna Penticton high net worth family lawyer today by calling Lorne N. MacLean, QC, or Audra or Karsten at 778 754 1542.

*Top Choice Award (2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019 and again for 2020), Top rated reviews on Google, Yelp, threebestrated best divorce lawyers for vancouver, Richmond and Surrey, and designations as Queen’s Counsel and leading Canadian lawyers from Doyle’s Law Guide. Read more about our awards.