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Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers

Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers help Korean speaking family law clients successfully resolve their Vancouver Korean Family law Matters. MacLean Law has one of the largest Mandarin, Cantonese and Vancouver Korean speaking family law teams.

Finding the Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers requires a thorough investigation of which Vancouver family lawyers have a track record of achieving the best settlements and court ordered results. Our top rated Korean international high net worth family disputes lawyers, handle multi-million-dollar jurisdictional disputes and Korean Canadian international child custody and parenting international jurisdictional disputes. Our firm has set numerous records on international family law cases.

Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers 604 602 9000

Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers
Lorne MacLean KC, MacLean Law High Net Worth Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers


MacLean Law’s Asian family lawyers include Lorne MacLean KC who works closely with Chris Park who is a fluent Korean speaking family lawyer who handles:

  • Korean divorce;
  • Korean separations;
  • Korean child guardianship and child parenting disputes;
  • Korean child support;
  • Korean spousal support;
  • Korean family property and family debt cases;
  • Korean international high net worth family disputes

Our Vancouver and Coquitlam high net worth Korean speaking family lawyers can assist you.

Although a significant number of married couples decide to go their separate ways each year in Korea, divorce is not a topic that Koreans routinely discuss, largely because it still can be a taboo subject. Korean couples in BC are becoming more realistic about the need for divorce in cases where their marriage isn’t working. Chris Park our fluent Korean speaking family lawyer works with founder Lorne MacLean, KC on high net worth Korean family law files.

There are important differences between Korean and BC Family law and the residence of parties at the start and end of their relationship can have an important impact on which jurisdictions law applies.

Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers
Chris Park explains Korean versus BC family law differences

Differences Between BC and Korea on Family Law Issues 604 602 9000

Notable differences are:

  • Korean divorce is fault based but BC divorce is no fault;
  • There is no spousal maintenance in Korea and the courts have the power to adjust the property division in favor of the economically disadvantaged party but there is the right to claim significant spousal support in Canada.
  • Family property is presumptively divided equally In BC but In Korea the courts consider such factors as the parties’ ages, occupations, the reason why they came to a divorce, and their contribution to the property in deciding the proportion. The property that can be divided is property that was acquired during marriage through the cooperation of both spouses. Property that was acquired solely through the individual effort of one spouse even during the marriage is treated as the individual property of that party. Therefore, the court has a very broad discretion to determine what property is divisible, based on the extent to which the parties “cooperated” in the creation of any particular asset.
  • Korea may or may not enforce prenuptial and marriage agreements depending on circumstances, whereas fairly negotiated and operative agreements in BC are given deference and unfair ones may be varied.
  • In BC the best interests of the child and their wishes are primary considerations for the Court whereas in Korea the standards include the best interests and Korean child custody decisions but are subjective and the judges are vested with great discretion. In the Korean system, the judge is intended to be a “parent” to the public, who is benevolent, lenient, and wise.

Best Vancouver Korean Family Lawyers

These big differences between BC and Korea mean there can be a significant issue over which jurisdiction decides financial and child custody and residence issues. Contact our Korean speaking high net worth family lawyers immediately to avoid damaging your case.